Walter Baker Bridgforth

Everything You Need to Know About Walter Baker Bridgforth


Walter Baker Bridgforth is the son of American singer and songwriter Anita Baker. He was born in January 1993 to the veteran singer, and her ex-husband Walter Bridgforth Jr. Walter Baker has a brother named Edward Carlton Bridgforth.

Early Life and Education

Walter Baker was born into a loving family; his parents were close to him, attending to all of his needs. Besides, he also grew up with his younger brother Edward Carlton, with who he played together with.

Regarding his education, Walter Baker Bridgforth has been secretive about the institutions he has attended. However, given that he comes from a well-off family, he must have studied in the best schools in the United States. It is worth noting that Walter Baker Bridgforth studied up to the college level.

Personal Life

Walter Baker Bridgforth has been secretive about his personal life, and he has not revealed if he is married or if he is dating. However, in 2021, his pictures with his girlfriend leaked on the internet, and netizens could not stop talking. He was seen with a beautiful lady, and he was leaning closer to her. What the fans could not stop talking about were his girlfriend’s big lips. It elicited a lot of reaction among his fans, but the talk later cooled down.

Walter Baker has not made it clear if he is married to his girlfriend or if they are still dating. Besides, it is unclear if he has any children.

His Parents

Walter’s father was very instrumental in helping Anita Baker establish herself as a music artist. He supported her in every step of her music career. As a producer, Walter’s father helped Anita make and even produce her first music. The two got married in December 1988, and they were together up until 2005 when they separated. The reasons for their separation were never made public, but it was probably due to irreconcilable differences.

His Mother’s Music Career

Walter Baker Bridgforth’s mother started her music career at the age of 16; she used to sing in nightclubs in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. After performing for some time, she met David Washington, who helped her make her first music audition with Chapter 8, who accepted her to their band.

Her music career with Chapter 8 was great until 1979 when their record label dropped the band. The label believed that Walter’s father was not good enough to be the lead singer of the music group. Anita left music and returned to her hometown, where she worked as a receptionist and waitress.

In 1982, she was convinced to return to singing, and in the following year, she released her first album. Since then, life has never been the same, as she has released several songs, most of them doing well. Her albums include Rapture, The Songstress, and Rhythm of Love, among others.

Social Media

Despite his pictures surfacing on the internet, Walter Baker is not active on any of the major platforms. He has no active accounts on Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, his mother is active on Twitter, but she is not on the other platforms.

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