Jacquelyn Newell

The Life Story of Jacquelyn Newell


Jacquelyn Newell is the daughter of Debra Newell, an interior designer, and ex-partner of Dirty John. Her mother came into the spotlight after falling into the hands of the mischievous and cunning Dirty John Meehan. Details of Jacquelyn’s date of birth have not been made public, but she is probably in her thirties.

Personal Life

Jacquelyn Newell has lived a private life for most of her life; little is known about her love experiences. It is unclear if she is dating or probably married; however, in an article, it was mentioned that her then-stepfather, John Meehan, was roaming around her apartment. She is probably living with her family in an undisclosed place in the United States.

Her Mother’s Experience with Dirty John

Jacquelyn’s mother met Dirty John in a very unique way; they met through a dating site. Debra was on a dating site for over 50-year-olds when she fell for Dirty John. The two lovers met for the first time in 2014. When Jacquelyn Newell met her mother’s lover for the first time, right through his eyes, she had a feeling that he was not a good person but a treacherous and mischievous person.

Jacquelyn and her sister Terra Newell warned their mother of Dirty John, but she could not listen to them; she was in love, and she could not see right through John’s lies and sweet nothings. At the time Debra met Dirty John, it had barely a week since he was released from prison. He has been in prison for not adhering to the restraining order he had been given.

Dirty John was known for his cunning ways, and after realizing that Jacquelyn’s mother was after someone to love her, he knew he had gotten someone he could manipulate. Just after two months of dating, the two lovebirds decided to get hooked, not knowing that Dirty John was just after Debra Newell’s money.

Her Sister’s Near-Death Experience

Jacquelyn and Debra were always against their mother’s marriage with Dirty John. They always believed that John was not honest with them. They never wanted him to be with their mother. After realizing that the Newell sisters were against their relationship, he started threatening them. Besides, Debra was not allowed to visit her daughters since John believed that her daughters Jacquelyn and Terra would advise her against her relationship with John.

One day, Jacquelyn was walking by a neighborhood, and John was after her. He tried to stab her, but then Terra reacted so fast that she was able to defend herself. She managed to take the knife from John, and she stabbed him thirteen times. It is a moment that is still vivid and Jacquelyn’s sister’s memory as she sometimes gets flashbacks for that moment.

Social Media

Jacquelyn Newell is not a fan of the social media platforms. She prefers to live a private life, and that is why she is not probably active on any of the social media sites. Jacquelyn is not on Instagram, Facebook or Instagram. Besides, given what her family has gone through, she probably does not trust people that much, and that is the reason why she does not post her pictures on the internet.

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