Stella May Oldham Vincen

Stella May Oldham Vincen, All Facts About Stella


Stella May Oldham Vincent was born on 7th May 2004 in Las Vegas, USA. She is known as one of the twin daughters of the celebrity couple Peri Gilpin and Christian Vincent. The 18-year-old has been in limelight due to her parents’ fame. She is often seen with her mother at various award shows and ceremonies. Her unique sense of style has made her a diva in the eyes of people.

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Christian Vincent is a 41-years old artist who belongs to Santa Monica, California. He is currently residing and working in Los Angeles, California. He completed his bachelor’s in Art from the Art Center College of Design and pursued his passion for painting. He has showcased his talent by organizing and participating in multiple painting exhibitions in various states of the USA. His artwork is often recognized for its unique and soft undertones. His paintings give the impression of isolation and melancholy. Vincent has captured various shades of life and youth on his canvas. His attention to detail has made him a well-known artist around the world.

Peri Gilpin was born in 1961 in Waco, Texas, USA. She pursued her acting career by studying at the University of Texas from Austin. She debuted by appearing on the television series “Cheers” which aired in 1993. She established a production company with co-star Jane Leeves and named it “Bristol Cities”. She has also provided her voice for the character “Jane Proudfoot” in “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”. Peri did voice over for multiple other roles including “Raksha(the wolf)” in “The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story”, “Georgia” in “Spring Forward”, “Marley” in “Benjamin” and “Mona” in “How to Train Your Husband”. She has acted in various television series including “Medium”, “Frasier”, “Justice League”, “Make It or Break It” and “Desperate Housewives”. Her mother died after a long battle with cancer which motivated Gilpin to lead efforts for advancement in cancer research.

Gilpin and Vincent got married in 1999 after dating for almost a year. The couple had twins: Stella May Oldham Vincent and Ava Oldham Vincent through a surrogate mother in 2004. No information is available about the surrogate mother. However, this unusual birth of twins raised some questions in the mind of their fans but the couple was happy at their birth. Their marriage is going strong for almost 23 years and the love between them has kept the family united through all kinds of circumstances.


Stella May Oldham Vincent shares a deep bond with her family. Despite her public appearances, not much information is available about her education as she has managed to keep herself away from the media attention. She doesn’t have social media accounts but multiple fan accounts are available that wish to find and share any piece of information about her. Just like any other teenager, she loves shopping and is often spotted with her sister having time of her life. Reportedly, Stella is an extremely humble and grounded person who didn’t let the fame get to her head.

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