Shakespeare Quiney

Shakespeare Quiney, Personal Life and Net Worth


The person today we are going to talk about was a little infant from history but is even today a matter of discussion because he belongs to the prestigious family of William Shakespeare. Yes, he was the grandson of William Shakespeare and the loving son of his daughter, Judith Quiney.

Here, we will discuss all the details about Shakespeare Quiney such as his mother, father, family siblings, education, profession, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life 

Shakespeare Quiney was born on 23rd November 1616 in the UK to Judith Quiney and her husband Thomas Quiney. Shakespeare Quiney could not live a long life and left the world at the age of only 6 months in May 1617. Given this fact, there is obviously no point in talking about the romantic life and the love affairs of Shakespeare Quiney.

Parents and siblings

Shakespeare Quiney was one of three children of his parents, Judith Quiney and her husband Thomas Quiney, who got married in 1616 and remained together till the death of Shakespeare Quiney’s mother in 1662. If you talk about their professions, no information is available about the profession of Shakespeare Quiney’s mother, while his father was a vintner. If we talk about his grandparents, their names were William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway.

Speaking of the siblings of Shakespeare Quiney, he had two siblings and their names were Richard Quiney and Thomas Quiney. Other than the names, nothing much information is available about them either.


With the fact that Shakespeare Quiney died when he was only 6 months old, he obviously did not have any kids in his life.

Education and profession

Considering the fact that Shakespeare Quiney could live in the world for only 6 months, he obviously did not have any educational or professional background. Before he could begin his life in this world, he died. We hope Shakespeare Quiney would have been professionally successful like his father and grandfather if he could have lived longer.

Reason for the popularity of Shakespeare Quiney

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Shakespeare Quiney is his maternal grandfather, Williams Shakespeare, who is probably the best author in history. The father of Shakespeare Quiney was also a professionally successful personality but the reason for the popularity of Shakespeare Quiney is solely his grandfather.

Net worth of Shakespeare Quiney

Like many other life events, Shakespeare Quiney did not have a net worth either because before he could begin his professional journey and earn money, he left the world. Not only Shakespeare Quiney but the net worth of his parents is also not known to the public. However, with the fact that the father of Shakespeare Quiney was professionally successful, we are pretty sure that he must have had a good net worth.


If Shakespeare Quiney had not died at such an infant age, today his biography would have been something else. Since Shakespeare Quiney left the world at a very early age, there is nothing extraordinary about his life.


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