Luna Amira Marin Ibarra

Know About Jenni Rivera’s Granddaughter Luna Amira Marin Ibarra


Amira Marin Ibarra is Jenni Rivera’s granddaughter, who was a notable American singer, popularly known for mainstreaming regional Mexican music, and was among the few early women who sang narcocorridos. She is the nine-time winner of the Lo Nuestro Award for Regional Mexican Female Artist of the Year. She is best known for her singing styles of Banda, Mariachi, and Norteño. She was listed in the “top Latin artist of 2013″, and the “best selling Latin artist of 2013” by Billboard magazine. Her 2008 studio album, Jenni peaked at the No.1 record on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart in the U.S. She was named as the most important female figure and top-selling female artist in Regional Mexican music by several media outlets including CNN, Billboard, Fox News, and The New York Times.

Luna Amira Marin Ibarra’s Family Background

Luna Amira Marin Ibarra was born on August 28, 2012, to Michael Marin and his partner Drea Ibarra. Luna’s father Michael Marin is a reality TV actor. Born in Long Beach, California, on September 11, 1991, he is the eldest son of well-known singer Jenni Rivera. Having married 3 times, Jenni had 5 children. She had three children including Chiquis, Jacqueline, and Michael (father of Luna) from her first husband José Trinidad Marín. Jenni died in a plane crash in December 2012. 

Luna Amira Marin Ibarra’s Career 

Had been among a few early women who sang narcocorridos, Luna’s grandmother started her musical career in 1992. She recorded songs on wide subjects like social issues, infidelity, and relationships. Her first major label studio album, Si Quieres Verme Llorar released in the late 1990s went unnoticed. She garnered commercial success across the U.S. and Mexico with her album, Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida in 2005. She climbed the ladder of success with the 2006 song “Las Malandrinas”. After producing the reality TV show Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C in 2010, and I Love Jenni in 2011, she made her acting debut with the 2013 film Filly Brown.

She served as spokesperson of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. For her social works, August 6 was declared to be celebrated as “Jenni Rivera Day” by the Los Angeles City Council.

Luna Amira Marin Ibarra’s Family Net Worth 

Luna’s grandmother, a four-time Latin Grammy nominee, earned a lot of fortune by selling over 20 million records worldwide. Known as one of the best-selling regional Mexican artists, she is also the highest-earning banda singer of all time. Listed on the Forbes Top Earning Dead Celebrities of 2013, Jenni had a net worth of $25 million when she died in 2012. Starwood Management Inc, the owner of the plane from which she got died, was ordered by a court in 2016 to pay $70 million to her heirs. During her entire career, she received several awards and accolades including two Oye! Awards in Mexico, two Billboard Music Awards, twenty-two Billboard Latin Music Awards, eleven Billboard Mexican Music Awards, and eighteen Lo Nuestro Awards.  Her star was inducted on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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