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Chris Paul Contract Conundrum: Exploring the Suns’ Path Forward



As rumors swirl around the future of Chris Paul’s contract with the Phoenix Suns, the team faces a crucial decision that could impact their financial flexibility and competitiveness. This article delves into the various options available to the Suns and the potential implications of each course of action.

The Suns’ Options

The Suns find themselves at a crossroads with Chris Paul’s contract. Let’s explore the different paths they could take:

1. Straight Waive

The most plausible and optimal route for the Suns is to consider waiving Chris Paul, given the financial benefits. Only $15.8 million of his $30.8 million contract is guaranteed for the next season. By waiving him and re-signing at a reduced salary, the Suns can retain the talented point guard at a more affordable cost, saving them from delving into the trade market.

Note: The contract’s trigger date for full guarantee is June 28th, and both parties seek resolution before then.

2. Waive-and-Stretch

Another option available to the Suns is to waive-and-stretch Chris Paul’s contract over several years, spreading out the salary cap hit. While this approach gives Paul his full salary, it restricts the Suns from re-signing him. This path seems less logical for Phoenix, as it does not provide enough financial flexibility to replace Paul’s caliber of play on the open market.

3. Trade

Trading Chris Paul could be an option, but given his age (turning 38) and high salary, he may not be an attractive trade asset. The Suns’ goal is to win now, and Paul’s on-court performance outweighs his value as a trade component. Trading him away might result in a downgrade for the team, undermining their win-now aspirations.

The Best Way Forward

The Suns’ priority is to bolster their roster depth while maintaining financial flexibility. While freeing up money by pivoting away from Paul might seem tempting, it could prove shortsighted. Removing Paul from the equation might not guarantee enough depth, and his value on the court is substantial.

Moreover, Chris Paul reportedly wants to remain in Phoenix, making the straight waive option the most favorable scenario for both parties. It allows the Suns to keep their star point guard and secure much-needed depth.


As the Phoenix Suns deliberate over Chris Paul’s contract, they face a pivotal moment that could shape their future competitiveness. Exploring the various options, it becomes evident that the straight waive approach offers the best solution, combining financial prudence with retaining a key player who can contribute significantly to the team’s success.

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