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Armando Sotres: Things You Should Know About Her


Do you want to know more about Armando Sotres, Issabela Camil’s father? This post will provide you with more facts about this man.

Armando Sortes is a Mexican businessman. He is the father of Erika Ellice Sotres Starr popularly known as Issabela Camil and Kali Sotres Starr. Armando Sotres died in October 2017. The cause of his death has not been disclosed.

Private Life

Erika and Kali are daughters of Tony Starr, an American model and Armando. They were born in Mexico. Kali’s private life is yet to be revealed to the general public. While Erika is married to the Mexican actor, Sergio Mayer.

Erika and Sergio have been together since the 27th of March, 2009. The couple has two female kids; Antonia and Victoria. They are the grandkids of Armando Sotres.

The nature of the relationship that existed between Armando and his daughters cannot be ascertained. Some sources say that Mr. Armando didn’t treat his daughters properly and that is the reason why they chose to leave with their mother, Tony Starr.


He is reported to have only two female children, Erika and Kali. And two grandchildren who are also female; Antonia and Victoria. The grandchildren are the daughters of Issabela. Very little is known about Kali. All that can be said about her is that she was also welcomed into the Camil household.

Early Life

Armando owned a very popular restaurant in the ’60s. It served as a meeting place for foreign dignitaries who went on vacations to the beaches of Acapulco.

In 1967, Sotres and Aurelio Munoz opened the ‘Armando’s Le Club’. The club was inspired by studio 54 located in New York City. His club attracted the presence of many celebrities. It is said that it is through his club that he met the model, Tony Starr.

Net Worth

While Mr. Armando’s net worth has not yet been ascertained. All we can say concerning Mr. Armando’s net worth is that he was successful. How that success is gauged is what remains the question.

His daughter, Erika, has a net worth of over $1.5 million. Erika’s major source of income is her acting. She started acting in 1996 and is said to be in over 27 movies and series.


He was married to the American model, Tony Starr. Although Tony divorced Armando while Erika was still a child. Whilst the reason for the divorce is yet to be made public. There have been rumors that Armando lived like a playboy since he owned a club. This rumor assumes that is the reason for the divorce. The model moved on to marry a Mexican businessman, Jaime Camil Garza. Erika changed her name to Issabela Camil

Education and Career

The education of Mr. Armando is still uncertain. However, he was a successful businessman whose club was the talk of the town in 1967.

There is no information available about Kali. There is information about the other daughter. Erika.

Erika is now a successful actress and model. She has starred in so many movies like Gossip Girl and other Telenovelas.

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