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Owen Tyler Sussman, Family and Net Worth


Owen Tyler Sussman is the second child of the TV personality Ricki Lake. He was born on 18th June 2001 to Ricki and her ex-husband Rob Sussman. And I’m not sure how he feels about the entire world watching his graceful birth, but I guess you can only do so much when you are a day old. And shying away from the camera isn’t top on the list.

Owen has an elder brother, Milo Sebastian Sussman, born on 22nd March 1997.

Ricki Lake made a documentary in 2008 titled The Business of Being Born, which uses footage of her son, Owen, being delivered. In a bathtub. But free swimming lessons aside, Owen disappeared from the limelight after her mother released the movie. Owen’s parents have decided to incorporate a little normalcy in their lives by keeping them away from public scrutiny.

The Father

Rob Sussman is a famed artist and illustrator. He was born in 1966 in the United States of America in New York City. Rob enrolled at the School of Visual Arts and later joined the Otis College of Art and Design.

Rob has been featured in popular newspaper brands such as The New York Times, Washington Babylon, and The Nation.

Rob’s art expresses the vivid reality of people, nature, and otherworldly objects. Suppose you are a connoisseur of art; you can check out his website, robsusman.com, which he uses to advertise and sell his art pieces.

The Queen Bee

Ricki Pamela Lake is an American television presenter, producer, and actress who portrayed Tracy Turnblad’s character in John Water’s cult classic film Hairspray (1988). Ricki was born on 21st September 1968 in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, to Barry Lake, a pharmacist, and Jill, a homemaker. She was, however, brought up by her grandmother, Sylvia Lake, who unfortunately met an untimely death in 1978.

Ricki attended Ithaca College but only lasted a year. She is also famous for hosting her own talk show, Ricki Lake (September 1993 – Mau 2004), which earned her the title of the youngest person to host a talk show during her time.

Ricki has also appeared in films such as Drop-Dead Diva, Holly “the Donut Dolly” Pelegrino, Baby Cakes, and Hotel Gramercy Park (2008).

Family Life

Rob met Ricki in October 1993 during a Halloween party, and they dated for a year. They got married on 26th March 1994. After 14 years of bliss and two children later, the pair officially divorced in 2005, with full custody of the kids given to the mother.

Ricki Lake got engaged to Ross Burningham, and they tied the knot in January 2022. On the other hand, Rob opted for a life away from the limelight. We, therefore, remain in the dark about whether he, too, got lucky in love.

Owen Tyler Sussman Net worth

Owen Tyler is pretty much dependent on his parents. Seeing how he’s kept away from the paparazzi, his current net worth remains unknown. His father, Rob, has a net worth estimated at 700 thousand dollars, while Ricki’s is looming at 15 million dollars.

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