Nicole Elizabeth Solomon

Nicole Elizabeth Solomon’s net worth; How much is Nicole Elizabeth Solomon’s worth


Nancy Kerrigan is an American celebrity who is not only famous for her acting skills but also for figure skating. But today our main emphasis is not on her but her daughter Nicole Elizabeth Solomon. Like her mother, she carries the gene of becoming the perfect figure skater. 


Nicole Elizabeth Solomon was born in 2008 on 20th November, in the United States. She is famous for her skating name Solomon. As cleared above, she is the daughter of famous American figure skater and actress Nancy Kerrigan. She has a sister named Caitlin, who is elder than her. At the very age of four, Nicole was trained for figure skating by her mother, Nancy, who is herself a noted figure skater. 

Early success

At the very age of 4, Nicole was keen on skating. After gaining expertise in it, Nicole started taking part in ice skating competitions. And her efforts and practice did make her win the bronze medal at the Junior World Championships. At that time she was just eight years old.

After this victory, Nicole was placed 3rd at the U.S. and World Championships. At 12, she became the winner with a bronze medal at the Junior World Championships. She stood 4th at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 2009. Then in the following season, she came 3rd at the U.S. and the World Championships. 


Nancy is an animal lover having two felines and three canines. She also has a Drew fish as her pet. Apart from showering her love for them, the American figure skater loves spending her time playing basketball. Apart from these, Nancy is also interested in reading and music. 


The first big competition in which Nicole Elizabeth Solomon took part was in 2009 when she got 4th position in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. In the following season, she got 3rd position at the U.S. and the World Championships. She became the winner of the bronze medal at the World Championships in 2012. 

Then in the following year, she did not participate further in competitive skating to put her concentration on education. In 2016, she became a high school graduate and is now a regular at college. 

But in the same year, she also lost her father due to cancer. According to Nancy, she would make her comeback to competitive skating in the coming years. At present, she is under training from Frank Carroll, her coach. 

Appearances in media

After gaining accolades for her success as a figure skater, Nicole Elizabeth Solomon made appearances in various media programs like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America. 3 years ago from now, she was also one of the contestants in Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, where she was paired with Artyon Celestine, her pro dancer. But in the 5th week of the competition, they were eliminated. 

Net worth

There is no confirmed fact about Nany’s exact net worth. However, her mother’s net worth at present is $8 million.

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