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Maximizing Exotic Farming Efficiency in ‘The Division 2’



‘The Division 2’ has made significant improvements to its targeted loot farming system over the past year, but there are still aspects that can be confusing. Recently, I discovered something that completely changed my perspective on exotic farming, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Understanding Exotic Drops

A reddit thread shed light on an important aspect of exotic drops that I was not aware of before. A player expressed frustration after farming on the Heroic difficulty for a specific exotic, only to receive a different one upon finally getting a drop.

Fellow players chimed in with an explanation that surprised me.

Unveiling the Truth

Previously, I operated under the assumption that the datamined drop rates for targeted exotics were accurate: 1% for normal, 3% for hard, 5% for challenging, and 7% for heroic. Based on these rates, it seemed logical to farm on heroic difficulty to increase the chances by 2%.

However, what the game fails to communicate is that moving up to heroic difficulty also introduces the possibility of obtaining non-targeted exotics. This explains why players may receive an exotic drop that isn’t the one they were hoping for.

A Better Approach

Considering this revelation, if you are searching for a specific exotic, it’s more efficient to farm on challenging difficulty. In challenging difficulty, any exotic drop you receive will be the targeted one, ensuring you get what you want. By farming on challenging, you only sacrifice a 2% drop chance increase and avoid the frustration of receiving the wrong exotic. Additionally, you can complete more runs quickly on the lower difficulty level, saving time and effort.

Potential Differences in Stats

It’s worth mentioning that heroic exotics might have better stats on average compared to challenging exotics, although opinions on this matter vary. However, given the other factors mentioned, enduring the challenges of heroic difficulty may not be worthwhile. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to approach your farming strategy.


Prior to this discovery, I had believed that progressing to heroic difficulty would provide the best chances for exotic farming. However, now that I know the benefits of sticking with challenging difficulty for targeted farms, I can optimize my farming efficiency.

While there may be debate about the potential stat differences between heroic and challenging exotics, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, finding the right balance between efficiency and difficulty is key.

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