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Escape From Tarkov: A Guide to the Huntsman Path Trophy Quest


Escape from Tarkov has emerged as an immersive and challenging first-person shooter game that has captivated the gaming community. Among its diverse quests, “The Huntsman Path – Trophy” stands out. This quest, assigned by Jaeger, entails eliminating Reshala and retrieving his prized golden TT pistol during a raid. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to successfully complete this quest.

Dialogue with Jaeger

To embark on the quest, you must engage in a conversation with Jaeger. He will brief you about Reshala and his gang, emphasizing the uniqueness of Reshala’s golden pistol. Your objective is clear – eliminate Reshala and his gang to obtain this prized possession. Jaeger warns that Reshala tends to hide behind his guards, requiring utmost caution during the confrontation.


“The Huntsman Path – Trophy” quest comprises two primary objectives that must be fulfilled for successful completion:

  1. Eliminate Reshala: Reshala can be located at the Customs location, either within one of the dorms, in the yard between them, or at the new gas station. Occasionally, he may wander towards the checkpoint through the grassy hills. To complete the quest, you must eliminate Reshala and his gang.
  2. Find Reshala’s Golden TT in the raid: After eliminating Reshala, you need to retrieve his Golden TT pistol during the raid. The pistol is exclusively found on Reshala, so thorough searching of his body is necessary.


Successfully accomplishing “The Huntsman Path – Trophy” quest will yield the following rewards:

  • +15,300 EXP
  • 90,000 Roubles
  • 0.02 Jaeger Reputation

In addition, you will receive one Surv12 field surgical kit, four Gunpowder “Kite,” and five pieces of plexiglass. If you have an Intelligence Center Level 1 or 2, you can obtain 94,500 Roubles or 103,500 Roubles, respectively.


Completing the “The Huntsman Path Trophy” quest in Escape from Tarkov requires a strategic approach to eliminate Reshala and secure his Golden TT pistol.

Locating Reshala

Reshala can be found at the Customs location, which includes the dorms, the yard between them, and the new gas station. He may also roam around the gas station area or the grassy hills leading to the checkpoint. Beware of Reshala’s gang of guards that usually surrounds him.


To increase your chances of success, it is advisable to equip yourself with a reliable weapon and ample ammunition. Additionally, wearing armor and a helmet will provide added protection. Don’t forget to bring medical supplies like the Surv12 field surgical kit to address any potential injuries.

Eliminating Reshala

Engage in a tactical encounter with Reshala and his guards, taking them down one by one. Stay alert and cautious throughout the confrontation. Once Reshala has been eliminated, proceed to the next step.

Retrieving the Golden TT Pistol

Thoroughly search Reshala’s body to locate and acquire the coveted Golden TT pistol. This pistol can only be obtained from Reshala himself.

Quest Completion

With the Golden TT pistol in your possession, return to Jaeger and hand it over to him. By doing so, you successfully complete “The Huntsman Path – Trophy” quest.


“The Huntsman Path – Trophy” quest presents a challenging yet rewarding task for Escape from Tarkov players. By eliminating Reshala and acquiring his Golden TT pistol, you can earn valuable rewards and make progress towards obtaining the coveted Kappa container.

However, undertaking this quest requires meticulous planning, precise execution, and the ability to confront formidable enemies and navigate the intricate landscape of Tarkov.

For more relevant content and detailed guides, be sure to explore our comprehensive collection of Escape from Tarkov guides.

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