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Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: Complete Guide and Solutions


Welcome to our comprehensive walkthrough for Lost Lands 8. As part of the popular line of Mystery escape room and puzzle games from Five-BN Games, Lost Lands 8 offers beautifully designed environments, a wide range of hidden items, challenging puzzles, and an immersive storyline.

In this walkthrough, we will guide you through each section of the game, providing tips on locating necessary items and offering complete solutions for the puzzles you’ll encounter. Please note that the game may present certain complexities, such as requiring specific item interactions or revisiting areas multiple times.

If you have any questions or encounter difficulties, refer to our Answers Page for assistance. Let’s begin our adventure with Part 1: Sand Captivity.

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Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough – Sand Captivity

In this section, we embark on our journey in Lost Lands 8 to seek assistance, particularly to locate Maaron.

Finding Maaron

Collection Item: A boot on the left, below the tree
Morphing Object: Yellow butterfly/flower on the right

  1. Start by collecting the Garden Shears (gardening scissors) from the lower left.
  2. Examine the plant growing in a pot at the center of the house.
  3. Use the shears to cut the vines covering the post. Tap the pot to lift it and collect the key hidden underneath.
  4. Proceed to the door on the lower right and use the key to open it.
  5. Enter the house and collect the horseshoe on the floor below the small window on the right.
  6. Examine the fireplace and find a poker on the left. Use the poker to clear the ashes and collect a coin.
  7. View the coin in your inventory and remove the wire from it. Collect both the wire and a Kyoll coin (1 of 6).
  8. Move to the table on the left, under the window, and collect the knife.
  9. Tap on the picture above the fireplace and read the paper note located on the left side of the stone shelf.
  10. The note provides clues on finding Maaron and activating the dolmen in the courtyard.
  11. Examine the small colored glass window on the right. Move the pot on the sill to collect another Kyoll coin (2 of 6). Tap the red glass in the center of the window to collect three shards of colored glass (excluding the broken green shard).
  12. Proceed to the fish picture on the right. Use the shards of glass to place them on the shelf. Tap each shard to reveal three items: Pearl, Poppy Seeds, and Snakeskin. Note: The fourth piece of glass (green) is still missing.
  13. View the rocking chair on the left of the fireplace and lift the seat cover to collect an Owl emblem.
  14. Roll back the rug below the chair to reveal a trap door. Examine it.
  15. On the left of the lock, there is a gap in the floorboards. Use the wire on the gap to collect a ‘Detail.’
  16. Tap on the mantle above the fireplace to view the picture again. Collect a Gear (1 of 2) from the shelf on the left.
  17. Exit the house and examine the small box/letter box on the stone wall to the left of the gate. Use the ‘Detail’ to open it and read the note inside.
  18. Look inside again and collect a ‘Star’ and another Gear (2 of 2).
  19. Tap the large gate in the wall and remove the cover using the knife. Examine the inside and add the two gears to initiate a puzzle.
  20. Solve the puzzle by sliding the four gold lock bolts to the correct positions,
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