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Is Valorant Down? A Look at the Recent Emergency Maintenance



Valorant, the highly anticipated game by Riot Games, has encountered unexpected challenges shortly after its release. This article explores the recent emergency maintenance that has affected Valorant’s servers, leading to disruptions in gameplay for European players. Let’s delve into the situation and the actions taken by Riot Games to address these issues.

Valorant’s Unforeseen Obstacles

Since its launch at 6 am BST, Valorant has witnessed an overwhelming response from players in Europe. However, this surge in popularity has created stability issues, prompting Riot Games to take the game offline for emergency maintenance.

Error Code 59: A Frustrating Roadblock

Players attempting to launch the game during this period have encountered Error Code 59, instructing them to restart their game client. Unfortunately, the error persists as the servers remain offline. Riot Games is actively working to resolve the issues and aims to restore access to the game as soon as possible.

Widespread Impact

The server instability experienced in Europe is not an isolated incident. Players in North America, LATAM, and Brazil have also reported issues with game starts during the same timeframe. Riot Games is actively investigating these regions to address any potential problems promptly.

Understanding Launch Day Challenges

Server overload on game launch days, especially for free-to-play titles, is a common occurrence due to the influx of eager players. The high volume of requests can strain servers, making it challenging to predict the required capacity accurately. Nonetheless, Riot Games, with its experience in managing massive online games like League of Legends, is well-equipped to tackle such challenges effectively.

Valorant’s Triumph Amidst the Turmoil

Despite the temporary setback with Error Code 59, the launch of Valorant has been an extraordinary success. A multitude of players eagerly embraced the game, reaffirming the high demand for Riot Games’ latest creation. While the server issues may have disappointed some players in Europe, the overall impact on the game’s success is expected to be minimal.

Exploring Alternatives

While awaiting Valorant’s servers to come back online, players can explore other similar games to satiate their gaming cravings. Additionally, players can use this time to discover the new agent, Reyna, with her unique and exciting abilities.


As Valorant experiences emergency maintenance, Riot Games is working diligently to restore normalcy and provide players with a seamless gaming experience. Server hiccups on launch days are not uncommon, and with Riot Games’ expertise, a swift resolution is anticipated. The resounding success of Valorant highlights its popularity, and once the issues are resolved, players can continue to immerse themselves in this thrilling gaming universe. Until then, consider exploring alternative gaming options or delving into the intriguing world of agent Reyna.

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