Patrick Angelil

Who is Patrick Angelil?


Patrick Angelil is a French-Canadian media personality. Patrick is mainly known because of who his father is and his reputation. His father was a famous singer and musical producer, and his life, including his spouse’s, makes Patrick Angelil someone worth knowing who he is. Read on as we discuss all the details we have about Patrick Angelil.

Patrick Angelil’s Profile

Are you curious to know who Patrick Angelil is? Here’s the kicker: Patrick Angelil was born on January 28, 1968. He was born in Canada; his parents are Denyse Duquette and Rene Angelil. Patrick has numerous half-siblings, including Eddy Angelil, Nelson Angelil, Rene-Charles Angelil, and Jean-Pierre Angelil.

Patrick is a French-Canadian media personality, and he is married to Sophie Denis. His marriage was in 2003. Patrick has two children. His son is called Justin Angelil, while his daughter is Alicia Angelil.

Patrick enjoys staying out of the limelight and doesn’t take to the media to share or post details about his life. As such, most information about him and his family remains unknown. However, there is more available about his dad. Besides, Patrick is mainly known thanks to his father’s popularity.

Who is Patrick Angelil’s Father

Patrick is the son of Rene Angelil. His father was born on January 16, 1942, and died on January 16, 2016. Rene Angelil was a reputable Canadian music producer. Moreover, he was a singer and played the role of a talent manager. His manager role is best known when he was the husband and the manager of Celine Dion, a famous Canadian singer.

Regarding the early life of Patrick’s dad, Rene was born in Montreal, Canada. His father was of Syrian descent, while his mother was Lebanese. Angelil studied college in Montreal, and his parents were Catholics.

Career Life of Patrick’s Father

Patrick’s dad started his career as a pop singer in 1961. He founded the Les Baronets pop rock group, mainly including his childhood friends. The pop-rock group had various hits in the 60s, and they focused on translating English-language pop music from regions such as the UK and the United States.

The pop-rock group remained together until 1972, after which they parted ways, leaving Angelil and Guy Cloutier, his best friend. The two began managing artists until 1981. Rene had different hardships, and his light came when he started to manage Celine Dion in 1981. Celine went on to become a famous singer, something that greatly helped Rene’s popularity.

Relationship and Personal Life of Patrick’s Dad

Rene has had different spouses. He first married Denyse Duquette, got Patrick as their first son, and divorced in 1968. Next, he married Anne Renee in 1974, and the couple had two children. The marriage lasted till 1986.

Rene began managing Celine Dion when she was 12; by the time she was 20, the two had begun dating. They later married in 1988 and had a lavish wedding. Unfortunately, in 1999, Rene was diagnosed with cancer. He later suffered a heart attack in 1991, but consecutive illnesses, including throat cancer, led to his death on January 14, 2016, aged 74.

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