Paula Guadagnino

Is Paula Guadagnino, Vinny Guadagnino’s Mother?


Paula Guadagnino is a celebrity mother who has grown famous for her lovable character. Thanks to Vinny Guadagnino. Paula’s son, the mother of three, has come to the limelight because of appearing in Jersey Shore.

Not only was Paula an active and lovable member of the show, but she has continuously supported her son. Paula was loved by many people when she would appear at Vinny’s place and cook and do laundry for him. It is clear how Paula is close to her only son, and here is more information regarding the celebrity mom.

Paula Guadagnino’s Bio

Paula Guadagnino is a celebrity mother famous for Vinny Guadagnino’s career. Paula was born in Sicily, Italy; her maiden name is Giacomo. When Paula was young, her family relocated to the United States of America.

Paula grew up in the USA, but luckily, she met an Italian man with whom she walked down the aisle and exchanged vows. Paula was married at a relatively young age but determined to bring up a family.

After exchanging vows with Mr. Guadagnino, the family welcomed two beautiful girls and a boy. Sadly, Paula and her husband did not stay together for long because they separated, and Paula was forced to care for her children as a single mom.

According to trusted sources, Paula and her husband led a poor life. It is reported that Vinny’s parents were living in the same house but on different floors at some point. Although Paula was separated from her husband, they were not divorced because of religious reasons.

Although the couple spent their lives in the same building, it seems Paula’s husband was an absent father. In Jersey Shore, Vinny introduced his mother and uncle, who fans loved. It seems Vinny’s uncle played the father figure in his life.

Paula Guadagnino’s Children

Paula Guadagnino is a proud mother of three children. Although a single mother, she worked hard to ensure her children got the best in life. Because of her effort in providing for her children, she takes much pride in them.

Paula has two daughters, Marianne and Antonella Guadagnino. Additionally, he has a son, Vinny Guadagnino, who has made her a proud mother. All three children were born when Paula married her first husband, Guadagnino, in Staten Island in the US.

Who is Vinny Guadagnino?

Vinny Guadagnino is a celebrity reality TV star who entered the limelight by participating in Jersey Shore. Vinny was born on November 11, 1987, and became a celebrity because of his acting career.

Vinny appeared in Jersey Shore when it premiered in 2009 and was highly paid. Besides working as an actor, he also writes. Moreover, Vinny receives much support from his mom, who is seen to appear in his TV reality projects.

In the Jersey Shore reality show, Vinny introduced his mom and uncle, who had recurring roles. The fans loved the two and seem to have played a huge role in supporting their own.



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