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il Volo Married: History, Controversy, Personal Life


Il Volo is a famous Italian pop band comprising three members. The band includes Gianluca Ginoble as a lyric baritone, Piero Barone as a Spinto tenor and Ignazio Boschetto as a lyric tenor. The trio won the Sanremo Music Festival 2015 and had the honor to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song contest 2015 that took place in Vienna Austria. The band was in third place but reached the first position due to public voting.


The trio met at an Italian singing competition in Sanremo. They were participating as solo artists at that time. The director and creator of the competition show decided to put them together for a song performance. Their performance was noticed by a music producer named Tony Renis who then decided to offer them a recording deal. The band was first known as “I Tre Tenorini” but the group changed it to “The Tryo”. The name finally was decided as “Il Volo” in 2010 which means “The Fight”.

The band released their first official album on 30th November 2010 in Italy which was an instant hit. Federation of the Italian Music Industry recognized its success and certified it as platinum. The album was internationally released on 12th April 2011 and was among the top ten in various countries.

Their other albums include “We are love” released in 2012, “Buon Natale- The Christmas Album” released in 2013, “L’amoure si muove” released in 2015, and “Notte Magica- A Tribute to Three Tenors” in 2016. These albums were a huge success and Il Volo became a popular name around the world.  They won the Wind Music award for consecutive four years for the amazing soundtracks.


In 2015, Il Volo came under the fire as the Italian Media reported that the trio trashed and damaged the hotel room before leaving it. According to the hotel management, the mattresses and objects were thrown all around the room and the room was in chaos. This whole incident was later clarified by the Hotel director Du Lac who said that it was fake news and was not based on reality.

Personal Life:

Gianluca Ginoble was born on 11th February 1995 in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy. He is the youngest member of the band yet is considered “The Perfectionist”. According to rumors, he was in a relationship with Pasqualin Sanna for a long time. But they split up and he is currently engaged to the designer Eleonora Venturini Storaro. Not much is known about his fiancée except that she belongs to a family of artists with a cinema background.

Ignazio Boschetto was born on 4th October 1994 in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna in Italy. He leads a private life and no authentic information is available about his romantic life. There are rumors that he is married but it is yet to be confirmed.

Piero Barone was born on 24th June 1993 in Naro, Agrigento in Italy. The singer is reportedly single and is enjoying his life along with family and friends. According to reports, he had a girlfriend but the duo broke up due to unknown reasons.

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