Willow Rae Hamilton

Willow Rae Hamilton


Willow Rae was born on the 15th of November in 2016 in a place called Los Angeles in the United States of America. She is famous or well known for being the child of a celebrity. She was born to parents Renee Karalian and Ashley George Hamilton.

Her Net Worth

She is currently six years old and, as such, does not yet have a career; therefore, we do not know what her net worth is. However, she is a celebrity child and could get endorsement deals from a young age which could bring her an income.

Her Mother

There is not much information available about Renee Karalian other than that she is in a relationship with Willow’s father, Ashley George Hamilton. We also know that she is an entertainment lawyer, so we can assume that she makes a substantial living for herself.

Her Father

Ashley George Hamilton was born in 1974 on the 30th of September and started his career in the entertainment industry in 1993. He is currently still going in the entertainment industry. It’s no surprise that Ashley George Hamilton began in the entertainment industry at a young age when his father was George Hamilton, the actor, and his grandfather was George Hamilton, the band leader.

Ashley Hamiltion was born and raised in Los Angeles and had two failed marriages between 1993 and 1997. Hamilton has had many film roles, including Beethoven’s 2nd and Iron Man 3.

He also had roles on some television programs, like the reality show Dancing With The Stars, Sunset Beach, and Saturday Night Live.

Ashley George Hamilton has also tried his hand in the music industry, having released an album with a band in 1999. The band was called Fine, and the album they released was called ‘Against The View”. The band, Fine,  has only released one album so far.

In 2003 Ashley had a song on the U.K. Singles chart at number 27, the song was called Wimmin, and he co-wrote it with Robbie Williams.

He is still in the entertainment industry in the lesser known and respected stand-up comedy side of the industry. In 2007 Ashley George Hamilton started performing at various stand-up clubs in Hollywood, including Hollywood Improv, Room 5, and The Comedy Store. Ashley still performs his stand-up comedy at these clubs today.

Willow’s father, Ashley, has a 5 million U.S. dollars net worth.

Her Grandfather

George Stevens Hamilton born on the 12th of August in 1939. He started his career in the entertainment industry in the film department in 1958. He was born in Memphis in Tennessee in the United States of America and had two younger and one older brother. His parents are Ann Stevens and George Hamilton, who himself was in the entertainment industry as a musician. He had two stepfathers and one stepmother, and there were horrible allegations regarding his stepmother sexually abusing him when he was merely 12 years old.

He had many roles on television programs before he got signed to a long-term contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer.

Considering Willow Rae Hamilton comes from a long line of entertainers, perhaps she will have a career in the entertainment industry in Hollywood  as well, but for now, all we can do is wait and see.

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