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Julie Lynn Champnella, Personal Life and Net Worth


This blog is about someone you may not have heard before. She is a Hollywood hair and makeup specialist as well as part time actress who is perhaps best known for her marriage to celebrated actor Tom Arnold. She is Julie Lynn Champnella, better known as Julie Armstrong.

Julie Armstrong

Julie Armstrong (born Julie Lynn Champnella) was born on 30 November 1973 in Southgate, Michigan. Julie got her current surname from her second marriage to Hollywood stuntman/director/ James Armstrong. To be honest, I’m glad she decided to change her surname because, frankly, “Lynn Champnella” doesn’t really roll off the tongue for me.

2 Marriages and A Divorce

Julie was married to Tom Arnold for 4 years before the couple decided to split after failing to make the marriage work. She married the famous actor on 22 July 1995 and divorced sometime in 1999.  But not all was gloomy for Julie for long as the universe would have it; shortly after, she found the love of her life in James Armstrong. The happy couple finally got hitched in April of 2007 and have been happily married since with 1 child.

Education….from Michigan to California to Love

Not much is known about Julie’s educational background.

She was born in Southgate, Michigan, so naturally, she went on to attend a university of her state, the Eastern Michigan University. Later on, she enrolled in California State University Northridge which is a public university in the Northridge area of Los Angeles, California.

In fact, this is also where she met her future husband, actor Tom Arnold. Sorry James, you’ll have to wait a while before meeting your soul mate, buddy.

Career Highlights

Julie Armstrong is best recognized for her makeup and hairstyling work on The Rotten Tomatoes Show (2009), Special Ed (2005) and Carpool (1996).

She also made an appearance on The Stupids (1996) as a guest on the show. On the Howard Stern TV series, she also appeared as herself (Julie Arnold).

Julie Lynn Champnella Net Worth

If online sources are to be believed, Mrs. Armstrong lives a pretty posh lifestyle. The 47-year-old hairstylist earns somewhere around the ballpark of $400k per year with a net worth estimate of a whopping $5 million! Not too shabby, Julie!

Her yearly earnings would roughly translate to $30,000 per month. I wish I had a job that paid me $1000 per day….Oh well, it could always be worse.

Social Media Influence

Julie Armstrong doesn’t seem to have any social media handles despite conflicting reports online. Online gossip and blog website, ncertpoint.com, claims she has 55k followers on Instagram and 100k followers on Facebook.

After some digging in and using fact-checking superpowers, there seems to be no trace of any digital footprint from her or at least any significant social media presence. Looks like someone needs to get their facts straight, ahem ahem.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is so far that’s publicly available on Julie Armstrong. Mrs. Armstrong really loves a private life, I guess. Keep checking back as we uncover more info!

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