Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge

Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge, All Things About Melody


Who is Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge?

Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge is a female celebrity kid. She was born in November 1952. As of 2022, Melody is around 70 years old.

Melody is known as the daughter of a guitarist and music icon, Chuck Berry.

While Melody is the daughter of an extremely popular celebrity in the music industry, she prefers to keep her life private. She doesn’t want to be under the spotlight.

Because of this, there are a couple of details about her life that aren’t available.

Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge Father

Melody’s father is Charles Edward Anderson Berry, commonly known as Chuck Berry. He was born on October 18, 1926.

Chuck was an American guitarist, songwriter, and singer. According to reports, he pioneered rock and roll. That is why Chuck is called the “Father of Rock and Roll”.

Chuck developed and refined rhythm and blues into the major elements that made rock and roll distinctive. This includes songs like Johnny B. Goode, Rock and Roll Music, Roll Over Beethoven, and Maybelline.

Chuck wrote lyrics that focused on consumerism and teen life. He created a music style that included showmanship and guitar solos. Chuck was a huge influence on subsequent rock music.

In 1986, he was also one of the first musicians to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. According to people, he had laid the groundwork for not only a rock and roll sound but a rock and roll posture.

Chuck Berry Personal Life

Chuck Berry was the youngest kid. He was born in St. Louis. Chuck grew up in the north St. Louis neighborhood called “The Vile”.

It’s a place where a lot of middle-class families live. Chuck’s mother was a certified public-school principal named Martha Bell. On the other hand, his father was a deacon and a contractor named Henry William Berry.

Due to his upbringing, Chuck easily pursued his interest in music at an early age.

As an additional source of income, Chuck was working with local bands in clubs by the early 1950s. Since his teens, Chuck had been playing blues.

He also borrowed both showmanship techniques and guitar riffs from T-Bone Walker. Chuck also took guitar lessons from Ira Harris, his friend. This also laid the foundation for his style of guitar.

Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge Siblings

Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge was born in the union of Themetta Suggs and Chuck Berry. Melody is one of the four siblings.

Melody’s siblings are Charles Berry Jr., Aloha Isa Lei Berry, and Darlin Ingrid Berry. However, just like Melody, all of her siblings like to keep their life private.

Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Melody likes to keep her life private. Thus, it can be difficult to determine how much her net worth is.

Meanwhile, Chuck Berry is a well-known personality. He had a net worth of $10 million.

Since Melody is one of Chuck’s daughters, there’s a good chance that she has a part of that net worth as well.

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