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Owen Isabelle Landau, Family and Net Worth


Owen Isabelle Landau, a singer, songwriter, and actress, was born on August 3, 2005, to parents Michelle Landau and Teddy Landau.

Early Life

The little girl opened her eyes in Sedona, Arizona, which became her primary place of birth and was brought up. Whereas, the parents of Owen Isabelle Landau split later in 2015 after their 11 years of relationship, leaving Owen in joint custody with both her parents Michelle and Teddy, with week-on, week-off arrangements.


In the year 2022, Owen is a 16-year-old girl working as an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

Owen is mainly an American actress and works as a singer and songwriter, given her music from the ever-so-talented and grammy owner Michelle Branch. Owen’s biological father, Teddy Landau, is a bass guitar player, so talent and melodies run in the family.


Owen Isabelle Landau is the daughter of famous and grammy award winner Michelle Branch and base guitar player Teddy Landau. Owen lived with her parents until 2014 when the couple separated after 11 years of being together.

Later in 2019, Michelle Landau married Patrick Carrey, the lead singer of The Black Keys. Owen has two stepbrothers, Rhys – born in 2018, and another newly born brother who came into the world in 2022.

Owen Isabelle Landau came into the limelight and cameras from an early age because of the fame her parents shared on the television.

Michelle Branch is an American singer and songwriter who started singing from as early as 3. After releasing two of her top-selling albums back in 2000, The Spirit Room and Hotel Pepper, Michelle Branch rose to well-deserved fame for her vocals.

Later in the years, she also won the Best Pop Collaboration for Vocals Grammy Award and the band Santana for the song Game of Love. Then in the year 2005, she produced a single song with Jessica Harp, Leave the Pieces, which was nominated for a Grammy nomination.

Her father, Teddy Landau, is another talented musician, born in California, Los Angeles, and works in the music industry as a bass guitarist. Teddy and Michelle, Owen’s parents, met and fell in love when Teddy was working with Michelle as a bass guitarist.


Owen Isabelle Landau currently lives with mother Michelle Branch and stepfather Patrick Carrey and her stepbrothers Rhys and the newly born in Patrick Carry’s Nashville home.

According to her mother, Michelle Branch, Owen is interested in birds, science, and politics. Michelle Branch has even disclosed that Owen seeks to be an ornithologist when she grows up. Owen’s obsession with birds has even compelled her to demand one as a pet from mother Michelle Branch, which she refuses to fulfill, as stated by her in an interview.

Not only this but Owen is also said to have strong political views at such a young age.

Owen Isabelle Landau Net Worth

Owen Isabelle Landau’s net worth is publicly not available. Through her various sources of income, we believe that Owen has been able to accumulate a good net worth but prefers to keep it private. We will update this section once this information is available.

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