MissaSinfonia: A Mexican YouTuber Known for Comedy Videos


Ángel Missael Castañeda Vega, popularly known as MissaSinfonia or Missa, is a renowned Mexican YouTuber recognized for his comedic content. With his first video, “Common Day Part 1,” uploaded in 2011, Missa quickly gained a loyal following. Among his vast collection of videos, his series “Analyzing The Rose of Guadalupe” stands out as one of his most popular works, comprising 14 parts. Interestingly, the ninth part faced censorship and was subsequently re-uploaded to his secondary channel, YoSoyMissa, while another part was deleted and later re-uploaded by an enthusiastic fan.

Journey and Channels

MissaSinfonia’s YouTube journey is characterized by his versatility and creativity. His active channel, “MissaSinfonia,” serves as a platform for Vlogs, Sketches, music, and entertaining anecdotes from his life. Through dedication and perseverance, Missa reached a significant milestone in February 2018, surpassing 1,000,000 subscribers. Currently, his subscriber count has grown to over 12,000,000.

Over the years, Missa has explored various channels, each catering to different aspects of his interests and talents. These include “YoSoyMissa,” primarily showcasing occasional random videos and exciting adventures, “PlayingWithMissa,” featuring occasional gameplay videos and highlights, and “crowblackrlz,” which is now inactive and inaccessible. Additionally, Missa had another channel called “NoMeJodasTV,” although it is currently inactive and only hosts a single promotional video with Rola and Iván Arturo Morales. It is worth noting that Missa and his associates, such as Ale Moreno, were previously part of a collaborative channel called “VlogsFuckYea,” where they shared videos. One of the notable segments on this channel was “Monday of Missa.” Some videos from this collaboration were subsequently re-uploaded to MissaSinfonia.


In 2008, Missa created the channel “Crowblackrlz,” which was later renamed “Yo Soy Missa :D!” This channel featured various videos, including:

  • “In Missa’s house,” a song performed with unidentified individuals, recounting a story about confinement and eccentric behavior.
  • “I’m a DJ,” a well-known video blog where Missa humorously mocked DJ posers and made playful jokes. Notably, he comically pulled a giant card out of his sleeve and won a loaf of Pan Bimbo, rubbing it on his face exclaiming, “Win!”

Memorable Quotes

Throughout his content, Missa has delivered memorable quotes that resonate with his audience. Some of these include:

  • “Vaya internet, lo has vuelto a hacer” – Wow internet, you have done it again.
  • “Donde esta mi regalo?, p1nche santa!” – Where is my gift? Damn Santa!
  • “Cada vez que vea una p3ndejada, metere una moneda a este frasco” – Every time I see bullsh1t, I’ll put a coin in this jar.
  • “Soy un imbécil profesional” – I’m a professional jerk.

Trivia and Personal Life

Here are some intriguing facts about MissaSinfonia:

  • The name “MissaSinfonia” stems from a combination of his name, Missael, and the word “Sinfonía” (Symphony). Missa chose “Sinfonía” because he believed that if he ever achieved fame, it would be due to his music.
  • Missa has expressed that if he had the chance, he would change his channel name.
  • He is ambidextrous but prefers using his left hand for writing.
  • Missa cried for six consecutive hours while watching an episode of Kirby, during which Chilly, the enemy that grants Kirby the power of Ice, melts.
  • Prior to gaining recognition on YouTube, Missa worked as a music teacher.
  • He has a strong affinity for Rock and Metal music.
  • Missa possesses an extensive collection of peculiar musical instruments.
  • Currently, Missa resides in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa.
  • Missa has a brother named Rola and a sister named Silvia, both of whom have made appearances in his videos. Rola is known for creating accessories and other crafts related to gaming.
  • Despite being siblings, Rola and Silvia do not bear a notable resemblance to Missa.
  • Missa holds a deep appreciation for video games, particularly those from Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda saga. His favorite game in the series is “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” for Nintendo 64.


MissaSinfonia, or Ángel Missael Castañeda Vega, has captivated audiences with his comedic videos on YouTube. From his early days to his current success, Missa’s talent and creativity have propelled him to achieve significant milestones in the digital realm. With an array of channels and content, Missa continues to entertain and engage millions of subscribers worldwide. Through his distinctive style and memorable quotes, Missa has secured a special place in the hearts of his fans. As he ventures further into his YouTube career, Missa’s passion for music and gaming shines brightly, making him a beloved figure in the online community.

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