Lyra Born

Meet Michael Sheen’s Second Daughter, Lyra Sheen


Lyra Sheen is a celebrity kid born by the Welsh actor Michael Sheen and his girlfriend, Anna Lundberg. Michael shared the great news in 2019, excited about being a father again to a beautiful girl.

Lyra came during the COVID period but never stopped her parents from celebrating the great news with followers and family. When the famous actor welcomed her second baby, he was 53 while his girlfriend was 25.

Previously, Michael had shared that he loved acting very much, but he never wanted it to be why he was absent in his first daughter’s life. Because of his dedication to ensuring his daughter had a father figure all the time, he kept servicing an apartment near her daughter’s mother to be close to her. Michael Sheen has managed fatherhood so well that he is ready for his second baby, Lyra.

When Was Lyra Born?

Lyra’s parents confirmed that they were dating in 2019. Four months into the relationship, they welcomed Lyra and were overjoyed that they shared the news with their followers on Instagram.

In a caption shared by Michael on his Instagram, he accompanied it with a caption saying that another monkey was jumping on the bed. The proud father revealed his daughter’s finger, indicating how happy he was to enter the fatherhood journey again.

Lyra, one of the Covid babies, always enjoyed her parents’ company. Lyra’s parents worked from home and ensured they spent as much time with her as possible.

Lyra Sheen’s Father

Michael Sheen is Lyra Sheen’s father, a great actor who has been in the industry for decades. Michael was born on February 5, 1969, in Newport, Gwent, Wales, UK, and he was the eldest in a family of two.

Michael Sheen had dreamt of becoming an actor and kept his desire burning until he achieved it. Although he had the opportunity to become a professional footballer, he turned it down and followed in the footsteps of Daniel Day-Lewis and Patrick Stewart.

Michael went to Bristol Old Vic Theatre School instead of college and started his acting career. Michael consistently performed well, which helped him win the Laurence Olivier Bursary in his second year.

Michael started his career earlier and had to leave school earlier. He was lucky to get a role alongside Vanessa Redgrave, allowing him to show his talent. He was performing very well, making getting more opportunities easier.

Lyra Sheen’s Mother

Anna Lundberg is the mother of Lyra Sheen. Anna was born in 1994 in Helsingborg, Sweden, and wanted to be a great actress. Because of her aspiration, she joined acting schools at an early age.

Lyra’s mother traveled globally to get trained in drama. After several years of training in prestigious schools, she started acting in various films. She has been cast in multiple films, and throughout her career, she met her boyfriend, Michael Sheen. Anna and Michael welcomed Lyra on September 23, 2019.


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