Kendall Miguel Ford

Kendall Miguel Ford’s net worth; How much is Kendall Miguel Ford’s worth


Kendall Miguel Ford is a young star kid aged merely four years. His father is Michael Jamar Ford who is an African-American minister and manager, whereas his mother Keke Wyatt is a well-known American singer-songwriter. Both are popular in their respective fields. And this became a big advantage for Kendall in getting born into fame-rich world. 

Birth of Kendall Miguel Ford

Kendall Miguel Ford is just 4 years old kid born in 2017. The lovely little boy is the last son of Keke Wyatt and Michael Jamal Ford. She is a mother of eleven children that brings Kendall a big company to play around with. Now, this would certainly make netizens jealous. 

Other siblings

Kendall is not the only kid of Keke Wyatt. She had 3 children from her first marriage with Rahmat Morton. One is Kevyer Morton, the first child who was born in 2000 on 27th March. He is a singing artist who is popular with songs like The Best, Do You Feel For Me, Fall For It, and Medication

Now comes the second child, he is Rajah Ke’ Morton. He was born in 2002 on 27th February. Rajah has been affected by cancer but is one of the few luckiest ones to have survived it. His struggle with Leukemia made him garner ample attention among Kendall’s siblings. Netizens felt good to know about his not giving up on cancer, and are praying for his sooner well-being. 

Keke’s kids with first marriage

Talking about the 3rd child is daughter Ke’terah Victoria Morton. She is the only daughter born in 2009 on 29th August and is Kendall’s eldest sister. After Keke Wyatt ended her relationship with Rahmat Morton, she was pregnant for the 4th time. But unfortunately, the child came out stillbirth. 

When Keke Wyatt divorced Rahmat, she came close to Michael Jamar Ford and married him. With him, she became the mother of four, including Kendall. Their relationship worked for only 7 years, and after that, they parted ways. With him, Keke gave birth to Ke’Mar Von Ford, the fourth child who was born in 2010 on 16th August.

He is also the first child with Ford. The second-degree burn on his stomach caught the attention of the media. 

In 2012 on May 17th, came the birth of Wyatt Michael Ford. He was the 5th child born in Atlanta Georgia. Nothing much has been revealed about him. With Michael Ford, Keke gave birth to a third child Ke’Yoshi Bella Ford 2015 on 10th March. Overall, she is the 6th child. 

Net worth

Kendall Miguel Ford is the 7th child of Keke Wyatt and 4th with Michael Ford. After his birth, his parents got separated. This raised curiosity about what led to their breakup. Kendall leads a lavish lifestyle due to her mother’s successful career in music, and net worth of $4 million. Kendall is too young to have a social media account. So you can see his pictures on her mother’s Instagram account. 

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