How to Choose the Best Camera Systems for Your Commercial Fleet

How to Choose the Best Camera Systems for Your Commercial Fleet


Thanks to the abundance of rear view cameras and commercial truck camera systems available in the retail and online marketplaces, choosing the perfect one for your commercial vehicle or fleet of cargo carriers can be a real task. We have already spoken enough about the importance of adding an aftermarket camera system to such vehicles in our previous blogs, but let us do a quick recap of the undeniable benefits that vehicle camera systems offer before we dive into which one is the best for your needs.

The Unquestionable Advantages of a High-Quality Vehicle Camera System

In today’s world, safety is a massive challenge for vehicle owners, drivers, and fleet managers. On this front, advanced camera systems that can be added to your vehicle as aftermarket accessories offer a wide range of benefits, making tricky driving tasks like changing lanes, making U-turns, backing up, or parking in restricted spaces easier.

Here are a few things high-quality 360 degree camera systems, rear view cameras, and commercial truck camera systems can do:

  1. Provide additional visibility of the area behind the vehicle to the driver
  2. Real-time footage plus storage of recorded footage for future reference
  3. 360-degree real-time vision for greater visibility of the areas around the vehicle
  4. Eliminate blind spots and detect obstructions, objects, or people around the vehicle
  5. Accountability in cases where there are disputes over accidents or collisions
  6. Footage that can be used for dispute settlement, driver monitoring, and training

How to Choose the Best Camera System for Your Fleet

While selecting a camera for a vehicle basically depends on your top challenges, unique needs, and budget, it is important that fleet owners or managers take a more holistic view of things while buying something like this. For starters, we recommend that you treat a commercial truck camera system or any similar equipment like a long-term investment rather than being shortsighted and opting for something that is cheap and solves your short-term issues.

Here are a few things you should consider factoring in while choosing a camera system:

  1. Hi-res visual footage and recording

For drivers of heavy vehicles, having crystal clear real-time footage via an HD monitor is a must in today’s day and age. And the other side of it is to have high-quality and detailed footage in a recorded form so it comes in handy when required in the future. We recommend looking for a camera that blends HD recording with other advanced features like GPS integration so you can get precise location data, too. At Rear View Safety, you will find that the RVS-500C HD Dash Camera with GPS in particular does this job to perfection!

  1. Real-time 360 degree footage and recording

Having complete control over driving calls for a solution that helps your drivers see everything around your vehicle and cover all critical angles. That is where an advanced 360 degree camera system is unbeatable. As the name suggests, such systems give your drivers a clear, unrestricted, and truly 360 degree visibility, allowing them to navigate the streets, parking lots, tight parking spaces, and tricky terrain with ease. The RVSTHIRD5-2C is our top pick in this regard – this 360° surround view HD dash camera is all things amazing – check it out here!

  1. Quality and durability

The camera of your choice should be highly resilient to harsh weathers and natural elements because it is likely to be exposed to all types of conditions externally. Make sure you check aspects like the external camera system’s IPX rating so that you know what you are paying for is truly high in terms of quality.

  1. Installation and integration

Modern cameras are generally made in a way that they are easy to install on a variety of heavy vehicles, but it is best to be sure you get something that does not call for bulk changes or any major physical modifications to your fleet. You can look for wireless camera systems for trucks and vans – they save you the mess of routing cables. However, the only downside is that not all wireless cameras are strong enough to transmit the signal from the rear area to the driver’s cabin. Wired camera systems, on the other hand, provide excellent results but may need you to manage the cable mess and call professionals for installation. The RVS-77555 Dual Channel Dash Camera with Rear View makes for a fantastic camera system that is extremely easy to install.

  1. Integration with your existing fleet management software

Having a camera that is incompatible with your existing software is calling for trouble! Invest in camera systems that can be seamlessly integrated with your fleet management software. Ask your camera system seller or manufacturer about this aspect so you don’t face any challenges after buying a certain product.

Prioritize Visibility with Rear View Safety’s Commercial Truck Camera Systems

Wish to take your fleet’s safety standards to the next level? Discover an array of state-of-the-art commercial vehicle camera systems, dash cams, rear view cameras, and object sensors online at Rear View Safety.

At Rear View Safety, our catalog includes the most advanced and innovative backup cameras for truck campers, RVs, and motorhomes. Our cutting-edge systems feature compact cameras, high-quality digital video recording, HD streaming, powerful antennas that can send a strong signal all the way from the back to the driver’s cabin. Our award-winning backup camera and safety systems give drivers total control over their driving at all times.

When you buy a product from Rear View Safety, you can rest assured that you get exceptional customer service. Any product that you order is shipped out the same day, because we strongly believe that safety is not something that you should have to wait on. Our team also assists you with returns or refunds if and when needed, apart from extending their expert advice and assistance to help you troubleshoot any potential snags.

After all, 6,500+ five-star reviews can’t be wrong!

We warrant all of our products to be free of any material defects for one year. A two-year warranty is also available for purchase, if required. Because we manufacture our own backup camera systems, it is easy for us to stand confidently behind them. Explore our complete range of RV backup camera systems, backup cameras for travel trailers, driver fatigue systems, monitors, blind spot detection solutions, and more for a stress-free towing experience. Take your pick and order online today!

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