What Are the Most Common Types of Car Damage in Houston, and How Are They Estimated

What Are the Most Common Types of Car Damage in Houston, and How Are They Estimated?


Houston is the largest populated city in Texas. With over 2.3 million people living in the city, you can imagine the number of vehicles on the road.

The Texas Department of Transportation collects annual data on motor vehicle accidents throughout the state. According to the statistics, there are about seven vehicle collisions every hour.

Another survey done by the Federal Highway Administration found that Houstonians drove an average of 36 miles daily, the highest driving per capita among various urban areas surveyed across the country.

The city’s rapidly growing size combined with limited public transportation facilities correlates to the large number of accidents in Houston.

So, let’s look at some of the common damages to cars in Houston and how much the auto repair services in Houston can cost.

What Are Some Common Causes of Car Accidents in Houston

The causes of accidents are mostly the same worldwide, and drivers are commonly the culprit. However, bad road conditions or the inability to enforce traffic regulations also lead to road accidents.

However, in the context of Texas, here are some common causes of road accidents in the past two years.


A common justification for speeding is the perceived need to reach a destination faster. Drivers often feel time pressure due to being late for a meeting or various commitments, and to cover up, they exceed speed limits.

The driver is more likely to lose control of their car while over-speeding, which results in accidents.

Accidents resulting from speeding can completely wreck the car and increase the severity of injuries.

Frequent and Unsafe Lane Changes

A lane change accident occurs when the driver of a vehicle attempts to move over into another lane without considering the safe lane departure rules.

Any driver must ensure all necessary precautions before changing their lane. Side mirrors should be set so that you can have a clear view of cars behind you.

Moreover, look out for the blind spot monitor as well because accidents mainly occur when a car is behind you in the blind spot and can’t be seen in the mirror.

Driving While Being Distracted

These days, most people are distracted while driving. The reason is smartphones and entertainment options in modern cars.

Doing something else while driving, like watching videos or talking on the phone, puts extra stress on the driver, resulting in reduced driving capabilities.

If drivers become distracted, they are less observant of the road and traffic, which can cause dangerous reflexes.

Moreover, while talking on the phone, drivers don’t look out for the speed limit, which eventually results in accidents.

Ignoring Red Light or Slow Down Signs

Running red lights or ignoring the slow-down signs on the road are a sure way to cause dangerous accidents. The accidents that usually occur when running a red light are T-bones or side impacts.

When one driver doesn’t stop at the red light, it causes an uncontrollable chain reaction. The other drivers slam their brakes to prevent them from hitting the car, and if the road is slippery, one car keeps slamming into the other.


Tailgating means following the car next to you too closely. When you are just driving behind the vehicle in front of you, you have no time to avoid a collision if the car in front stops suddenly.

Tailgating results in rear-end collisions, and it’s the driver’s fault at the back because they didn’t maintain a safe distance.

Common Type of Car Damages in Houston

Let’s look at what common damages are done to cars in Houston and how much it costs to repair them.

Head-On Collisions

It’s one of the most dangerous accidents, and the severity depends on speed, size, and type of vehicle.

Side-Impact Collision

Commonly known as a T-bone accident, side impact occurs mainly at the highway intersections. This happens when one vehicle collides with another at a right angle.

Single-Car Accidents

It’s not always the case that two or more cars collide to cause an accident. Sometimes, if a driver gets distracted, is driving too fast, or falls asleep, it can cause a front or side collision accident.

Rollover Accidents

Vehicle rollovers can occur due to single-car accidents or when two or more cars collide at high speed.

Usual Car Damages in Houston

As a result of the accidents mentioned above, the following damages to the car can occur:

  • Frame or Structural Damage

In a high-impact accident, the car’s frame and body may be damaged. This usually means that the chassis or underlying structure of the vehicle needs to be repaired.

The cost to repair might range from $500 up to $10,000.

  • Broken Windshields

The windshield can easily shatter upon impact, and there is no other option than to get it replaced.

Depending on the car, repairing a windshield can cost between $200 to $500.

  • Airbag Deployment

All modern cars are equipped with airbags that effectively prevent severe injuries.

The airbags can be replaced again, but the starting price for one airbag, including labor and equipment, is $800. It also depends on the type of car.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Damages

After an accident, some underlying mechanical and electrical issues can occur.

Mechanical damage includes damage to the suspension, brakes, tires, engine, and more. All these must be repaired to get the car working again in fine condition.

In low-impact accidents, the car is more likely to damage its alignment. Check out for warning signs and utilize any reputed wheel alignment services.

Similarly, electrical damage includes faulty sensors, headlights not working, air conditioning problems, and much more.

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