How to Maintain a Dump Truck Tarp?

How to Maintain a Dump Truck Tarp?


Dump trucks are the most diligent workhorses that haul loads of products and materials for various industries. One of the most critical elements of these dump trucks is their tarp, which is often neglected by many truckers. However, the dump truck tarp is an essential element of the trucks that plays a big role in protecting construction materials and facilitating a seamless work operation.

Therefore, every trucker must provide a good maintenance regime for its tarp system to ensure its smooth functioning and increased longevity. The seasoned truckers would agree there is much more to maintaining a tarp system for dump trucks beyond regular oil checking.

In this short and informative guide, let us explore how you can perfectly maintain your dump truck tarps in seven simple steps.

7 Useful and Practical Tips for Dump Truck Tarp System Maintenance

Dump truck tarps are always ready to keep your transported products safe and extend their duty by keeping roads safer for everyone. That is why caring for them is imperative and contributes to their higher life and better performance.

Here are 7 efficient tips you can leverage to ensure the right maintenance for your dump truck tarp system:

1.     Tarp Inspection

Begin your tarp maintenance by first examining the tarp for any visible wear and tears. To thoroughly inspect the tarp, check the four major elements:

  • Tarp’s fabric
  • Edges of the tarp.
  • Attachment points
  • Tarp’s stitching.

Find any signs of strains in the tarp that are putting pressure on the dump truck tarp system. Apart from that, make sure the tarp’s mechanical parts, like its rollers and springs, are intact, secure, and working properly.

These crucial assessments for the tarp’s condition will help you address any potential complications in the tarp system before escalating.

2.     Exhaustive Cleaning

Dirt, dust, and debris are like the parasites of a tarp system for dump truck, leading to its deteriorated health. They not only compromise the tarp’s integrity but also affect its appearance and functionality. Hence, it is extremely important to intensively clean the tarp system at regular intervals to remove surface and hidden dirt and dust from the tarp system.

To DIY, utilize a soft brush and compressed air machine to clean the crevices and corners of the tarp system. Make sure to clean the hard-to-reach areas that accumulate the most dust. Keeping the entire tarp clean, including its undersides, will enhance its aesthetics and effectiveness.

3.     Components Lubrication

Components are an essential part of the tarp system for dump truck. They help run the machinery and keep it intact for seamless working. Hence, keeping them lubricated and maintained is a duty of every trucker.

Consider the following pints to properly lubricate your dump truck tarp system:

  • Focus on all the hinges and joints of the system.
  • Make sure to lubricate pivot points and rollers.
  • Notice the moving parts of your machinery and oil them well for efficient functioning.

By lubricating the components of your tarp system, you ensure minimal friction and adequate working for the tarp.

4.     Fastener Fortification

One of the fundamental issues that results in the tearing and damaging of a tarp is not properly securing the tarp fasteners. Go beyond the routine check and leverage a torque wrench to tighten each fastener at least once a month.

With regular driving and operations, these fasteners loosen up, resulting in higher chances of damage. But when you regularly check their integrity, you prevent potential malfunctions and aid in higher overall tarp stability.

5.     Motor Scrutiny

The dump truck tarp motor is considered one of the most critical elements of the tarp, primarily because of its higher cost. Damage to the motor means substantial repair costs that you will have to bear. Therefore, to avoid the situation, make sure to:

  • Check for any visible issues in the motor.
  • Observe any change in the sound of the motor.
  • Look out for loose or exposed electrical connections.
  • Frequently perform voltage checks to ensure the machine supplies the right power.

These simple yet effective checks will help keep your dump truck tarp motor in good shape and provide efficient tarp functioning.

6.     Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is like cancer to any metal machine. That is why it is vital to guard your dump truck tarps against this insidious threat. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

  • Apply protective coatings and rust inhibitors to the exposed regions of your motor housing.
  • Regularly inspect the metal parts of the tarp system for any signs of rust and corrosion.
  • Inspect the tarp system for corrosion more often if you operate in regions with adverse weather conditions (especially the coastal regions).

Keeping your dump truck tarp systems corrosion-free ensures their long-term reliability and sustained performance over the years.

7.     Alignment Optimization

Most truckers need to understand the fact that aligning your tarp system is not a one-time job. It is actually an ongoing process that regularly needs attention and optimization. As you drive your truck throughout the day, moving from one point to another, the tarp eventually misaligns its position due to jerks, jumps, and truck activity.

Therefore, you must regularly inspect the tarp system to ensure a centered position for your tarp. Begin by assessing the tension in the tarp system. You need to ensure the tarp is comfortably placed over the truck’s back without being too loose or tight, as undue stress can lead to motor or system failure.

Looking for Long-Lasting Dump Truck Tarps?

An efficient dump truck tarp maintenance process is crucial to keeping your truck in optimal condition. By following the above-give tips, you can ensure that your tarp system for dump truck works seamlessly with higher productivity and extended life. For high-quality, reliable automatic and semi-automatic tarp systems, contact Pulltarps today and find the best tarp system for your budget.

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