Your Extensive Guide to the Trendiest Diamond Shapes in 2024

Your Extensive Guide to the Trendiest Diamond Shapes in 2024


Every year, shoppers as well as jewelers around the globe start studying new trends in the world of jewelry so the former can refresh their collection and the latter can gratify these needs. Diamonds, as always, never go out of vogue and are always a part of the new year’s hottest trends. This year, too, the allure of diamonds has kept them well ahead of other stones in the race between precious gemstones.

Now within the realm of diamonds, we are seeing several sub-trends come to the fore. For example, the way people perceive and shop diamonds often depends on diamond shape trends that are either dictated by celebrities at red carpet events, jewelry makers, or a general shift from one trend to another (which happens every few years). On that note, let us delve into 2024’s trendiest diamond shapes with a special list curated by the experts at A.JAFFE.

1.The trend-agnostic classic round diamond

The evergreen classic round shape remains (and will continue to be) a top favorite for jewelry buyers around the world, thanks to its impeccable look and allure that has stood the test of time. Everything about this shape, including its symmetry and brilliance, makes it stay at the top of such trend charts year after year. For context, this cut was first introduced in the year 1919! And thanks to its versatility, today you get a massive range of designs that can seamlessly incorporate the round diamond in them, giving your engagement ring or wedding band a contemporary look and feel while retaining its perennial charm.

2.Pear shaped diamond – pear it with anything!

In the last few years, the pear-shaped diamond has come back to the top of the list primarily because it provides jewelry buyers with a unique and striking alternative to other popular shapes. Its distinct teardrop outline makes it stand out in the ocean of diamonds and this particular shape tends to grab eyeballs wherever you go! Without a doubt, the pear-shaped diamond is one that will become the focal point in your jewelry ensemble, thanks to its characteristic silhouette. If you are one of those people who love a bit of drama in everything they do, a stunning ring that features a pear-shaped diamond is something you must consider investing in this year!

3.Ovals will continue to capture people’s imagination

The highly versatile oval shape will remain among people’s top favorite this year, thanks to its innate capability to look classic and contemporary at the same time. For those who seek that perfect mix of timelessness and elegance with just a hint of modernism, an oval cut diamond ring is a great choice. Its elongated silhouette makes for a stunning and elegant look, giving it an edge over its perfectly circular counterpart (at times). Oval-shaped diamonds look great in a traditional solitaire setting or even in modern and innovative designs that may feature multiple accent stones in addition to the center stone. Fun fact: the oval diamond is considered by many to be a fertility charm, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to an egg!

4.Comfort meets sophistication with the cushion cut

If you are someone who loves the stone to be more than just a visually alluring piece, the cushion cut is definitely for you. With its soft, rounded corners and large facets, a cushion cut diamond is the physical representation of the warm and fuzzy feeling that we like to call “love.” While cushion cut diamonds had taken a backseat for a few years, the shape’s resurgence in 2024 can be attributed to the demand for engagement rings and wedding rings that have an old-school romantic look and feel to them. For those who love vintage-inspired designs and a touch of nostalgia, this is the best choice hands down.

Apart from the these four, you can also expect the marquise cut diamond ring, emerald cut, and princess cut diamond ring to be top favorites among younger jewelry shoppers, thanks to their innate ability to complement new-age ring designs.

FAQs about diamond shapes

At A.JAFFE, we get a lot of questions from our patrons about diamond shapes, so we decided to pick the top FAQs and answer them for you below.

  • Why are diamond shapes important in jewelry design?

Well, the shape of a diamond determines and contributes to the look and aesthetic appeal of the jewelry piece and that is why it is considered the most important aspect of a gemstone. It not only influences the design and visual look of the piece, but also dictates the fire and brilliance of the stone.

  • Why are round diamonds considered timeless?

The good-old round diamond shape is referred to as “timeless” primarily because it is the closest you can get to a perfectly circular stone that is striking due to its flawless symmetry. Apart from the proportions of the stone, a round-cut diamond is also extremely versatile and fits seamlessly in a wide variety of ring designs, whether modern or vintage.

Shop exquisite diamond rings at A.JAFFE

Whether you gravitate towards the enchanting allure of the round brilliant diamond, the romantic cushion cut, the unmistakable oval, or the modern pear shape, there is a perfect ring design with your favorite cut waiting to be unearthed by you here at A.JAFFE. For over 120 years, we have been the go-to choice for several jewelry buyers who trust the brand to deliver exquisite craftsmanship and uncompromised quality. Explore our collection of:

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