Why Do You Need Networking Skills

Why Do You Need Networking Skills?


When you go to business events, you meet a huge number of interested and helpful people. The art of networking will help you get the most out of such situations without resorting to blackmail and jokes.

Networking is the expansion of a network of acquaintances to solve professional and personal problems with their help. Real networking reflects a lifestyle: you surround yourself with people whose experience, capabilities, and skills will give you what you don’t have. This is a long-term and, most importantly, mutually beneficial relationship, and not just an exchange of business cards.

Environment and methods of networking

Survey of friends and acquaintances 

Some of them will be able to help you themselves or introduce you to the right people. By sharing your problem, you connect dozens of eyes and ears, which increases the chances of success.


Professional and narrow topics, business and informal – go to those that match your needs. It is convenient if the lists of participants and speakers are known in advance just like in CMO conferences. You can also arrange an event yourself and invite everyone you want to see there.

Targeted networking 

If you know exactly who you would like to contact, look for ways to get to know each other. For example, find someone who can introduce and recommend you, or go to events where the right person is.

Social networks 

Social networks can be used for a targeted search of people or as an alternative to business cards.

Publications and speeches 

By showing yourself as an expert, you will attract the attention of potential partners. Choose channels and venues familiar to your target audience and ensure that your presentation is of high quality and original.

Basic principles of networking

Psychologists and business coaches identify several rules for successful networking. Here they are:


Of course, the questions must be relevant. A lively interest in the interlocutor is the key to a constructive conversation.

Remind yourself

If possible, find an excuse to write to a new acquaintance by mail or on social networks within 24 hours after the meeting.

Come to events alone

There will be more motivated to get to know someone.

Come early, leave late

At this time, people are usually free and do not mind communication.

Always carry business cards with you

Make an NFC tag on them or print a bar code so that you can read the information using your smartphone.

Don’t exaggerate your abilities

It will be unpleasant if the interlocutor decides that you can help him, but you cannot. Don’t try to be more powerful than you are, but don’t be modest either.

Don’t Ignore Promises

The glory of an optional partner will spoil the reputation for a long time and alienate those with whom you did not have time to cooperate.

Don’t expect instant results

Some connections may never be useful to you. But what if you now know so many interesting people?


If you want to succeed in the world of business, then networking skills are a must thing for anybody. Because without network or links, you are all alone.


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