5 High-Quality T-shirts To Use For Printing & Branding


If you are starting a high-end wholesale t-shirt business, you are looking not just for a good t-shirt but a great quality t-shirt. T-shirts with high-end fabric hold their colors, are durable for many years, and made of materials that won’t shrink, pill, fade or itch and are a comfortable, perfect fit. Can all these elements exist in one t-shirt? Yes!

In this article, we have covered you with the top five high-quality t-shirts for printing and branding. We know finding the best t-shirt for printing is a quest! So we make it easy for you. The following list is based on the most-trusted t-shirt brands committed to offering durability, softness, comfort, quality, and t-shirt fit.

All these elements are considered critical when looking for a high-end quality t-shirt. However, for printing & designing, there is an ocean of options. But at the same time, it is extremely daunting to pick up the product without even getting the feel or touch of it. So, with this in mind, we have come up with our top 5 picks for the top quality t-shirts to use for printing and branding. So without any further ado, onwards to the review!

Different Types Of Fabric For T-shirt Printing | Which Is The Best?

Before we come across the top 5 brands for quality t-shirts, let us quickly move to “what makes a t-shirt good for printing?” As all know, for high-quality t-shirts, material or fabric matters greatly. So among a huge variety of t-shirts, how can we opt for the best kind of fabric that gives excellent printing, durability, and lasts for years? Don’t worry! We got you the answer. Find what type of t-shirt composition provides the best results for printing?

·       Ringspun Cotton:

Ringspun cotton provides a high-end composition for print. A t-shirt of premium quality ringspun cotton offers an excellent surface area to create a smooth, high-quality print image. The fibers in ringspun cotton go through a spinning process, twisting the fibers more tightly, resulting in a stronger yarn, improved print quality, and soft feel.

·       Combed Cotton:

A cotton t-shirt that goes through the combing process before it is even spun creates strong enough fibers to hold screen printing, give a softer touch, and high-quality print. Therefore, it is said, cotton t-shirts that are ringspun or combed are the most durable t-shirt fabric for excellent and smooth screen printing.

·       Airlume Cotton:

‘Airlume Cotton’ is often described as the highest quality ring-spun and combed cotton. A long staple is used to manufacture these high-quality Airlume Cotton t-shirts. Airlume Cotton is the highest quality clean cotton which consists of very few stray fibers. And after an extensive combing process, Airlume Cotton can remove 2.5x more impurities as compared to regular ring-spun cotton. Airlume Cotton t-shirts are excellent because they provide a smoother surface for printing. And a smooth surface eventually results in the best printing results.

Other types of fabric composition you can opt for screen printing include Polyester, Standard Cotton, or Triblends. However, these three types give the best results for printing and branding. Here is a roundup of our top 05 favorite t-shirt brands for top-quality print.

Our Top 05 Picks For High-Quality T-Shirts For Printing

1. Bella Canvas Unisex Jersey T-Shirt –

Bella Canvas 3001 is an excellent blend of price, fit, comfort, and quality. So if you are still looking for the best print-quality t-shirts, Bella Canvas 3001 is a great partner to show your creativity. Made of 100% combed ringspun cotton, this t-shirt possesses some outstanding characteristics. This t-shirt does not shrink and maintains its length ever after washing. The best part about Bella Canvas 3001 is that the colors remain vibrant for a long time. So with this extraordinary t-shirt, print your designs and wear them anywhere!

2. Alternative 1070 Short Sleeve T-Shirt –

An alternative is a high-end t-shirt brand committed to providing top-notch quality and comfort to the world. So if you want a velvety feel and quality with the best print design, Alternative 1070 shirts might be for you. The vibrant colors and the minimal shrinkage of Alternative 1070 t-shirts make them great for high-end print quality.

3. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt –

The super-comfortable and soft ultra poly nature of the Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt are high- printing. This super soft –shirt provides a velvety feel which is quite different from regular velvet. It’s fantastic, cool look makes it more common among t-shirt lovers! Although Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt gives off normal shrinkage after washing, the soft feel and color of the shirt do not go anywhere!

For printing, gildan wholesale tee shirts are best because they tend to offer a great printable look! The print on all Gildan tee shirts looks cool. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt is one of the great options for any custom design. If you are looking for affordable, stylish apparel that offers super comfort and excellent print design, Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt can be your best bet.

4. American Apparel 2001W- Updated –

Gildan tee shirts has brought out Gildan Canadian Apparel which has now become one of the popular t-shirt brands for printing. Using American Apparel shirts for printing has become a popular choice for wholesalers and retailers. Among these, Fine Jersey Crew Neck 2001W, which is made of 100% cotton, has become the standard tee of American Apparel.

Fine Jersey Crew Neck 2001W comes in a huge variety of blends and different attractive colors. The quality of this t-shirt is widely famous for high printing. The 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton gives it a perfect area for screen printing.

The lightweight, perfectly smooth, and highly knit textured contributes to giving off exceptional results for screen printing. It is durable and has a long-lasting print quality along with the comfort and softness felt. To conclude, Fine Jersey Crew Neck 2001W is in style because of its natural, relaxed, fresh look and superior screen printing results.

5. Anvil Lightweight Fashion Tee –

In our last top-pick of the high-quality printing t-shirts, we will look at the characteristics of Anvil’s Lightweight Fashion 980 Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Anvil 980 t-shirts are great athletic apparel that offers a relaxed fit every time you wear them. The best part about Anvil 980 t-shirt is that it has an easy tear-away label, making it a perfect t-shirt for printing.

This feature of the Anvil 980 t-shirt allows you to print custom-size tags. Anvil t-shirts are the best go-to shirt for custom printing. With its soft-touch material, screen printing ink can easily pass the fabric for printing big side prints. If you are looking to shop for a t-shirt that offers the highest quality of side-printing, Anvil 980 t-shirts can produce perfect images for a flush side.

In Closing

All in all, there are a few elements you need to consider before buying wholesale t-shirts for printing & branding. These elements are fabric material, high singles count, fabric composition, quality, comfort and fit. But the most important part is to figure out what you want for your business and customers? Think twice before you buy! And don’t forget – to check the prices and your profit margins. We hope this article helped.


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