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Write for Us: Wedding Guest Posts on Perfect Marriage Matrimony

Are you passionate about weddings, nuptials, and engagements? Do you have a unique wedding story or experience to share? We welcome you to submit a guest post to Perfect Marriage Matrimony, where we celebrate the beauty of love and commitment.

Why Share Your Wedding Moments?

Weddings and engagements hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. They symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in life and are filled with joy and unforgettable memories. By sharing your special day with us, you can immortalize those cherished moments. Whether it’s a grand extravaganza or an intimate affair, every wedding is unique and worth sharing.

How to Contribute?

If you want to capture the essence of your wedding day and inspire others, consider submitting an article to us. We appreciate well-written content that resonates with our audience. If your article meets our criteria, we will be delighted to feature it on our blog.

What We’re Looking For

We invite you to write about various aspects related to weddings, including:

  • Nuptials, weddings, and engagements
  • Brides and grooms
  • Wedding photography
  • Real wedding receptions
  • Wedding planning
  • Marriage officiants
  • Wedding rings

Additionally, we welcome unique DIY projects and captivating stories that keep our readers engaged. Whether you had a low-budget wedding, a stylish and themed event, or a modern and trendy affair, we’d love to hear about it. You can express your story in a simple or literary style, but make sure it is authentic and free of plagiarism.

Submission Guidelines

Before sending us your article, please carefully read and follow the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Images: Include 50-70 high-quality images of weddings and 30-49 images of shoots and projects you undertook. The images should be at least 600 px in width and should not contain frames or watermarks. Each image should include details such as the venue, the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and other relevant ceremony and reception information. For shoots and projects, provide the names, professions, and locations of the individuals involved.
  2. Description: Submit a detailed description of your work, objectives, and creative ideas. If applicable, include any DIY details that made your wedding unique.
  3. Original Content: Ensure that your submission does not contain any previously published information. We only accept authentic content that appeals to our audience. Plagiarism and copyright infringement are strictly prohibited.
  4. Content Length: Your article should have a minimum of 700 words and include at least two images.
  5. Links: You are allowed to include two links in your guest post—one to your blog and another directing readers to your website.
  6. Proofreading and Formatting: Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as they can detract from the reader’s experience. We recommend proofreading and formatting your write-up before submission.
  7. Publishing Rights: If your article is not published on our site, you are free to submit it to other blogs.
  8. Photograph Usage: If you have previously submitted your photographs to another website or newspaper, please inform us. While this does not disqualify your submission, we strive to provide fresh and unique content to our readers.

How to Submit Your Article

To contribute to Perfect Marriage Matrimony, please email us at Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information. We look forward to receiving your wedding guest post!

Categories Covered in the General Niche

At Achro Brand, we cover a wide range of categories within the general niche. Here are some of the topics we accept articles for: