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Janelle Mclntire is a female whose popularity is due to her dating life. She happened to date an American actor. The popularity of her boyfriend makes Janelle a person of interest to the public. This post will talk about Janelle. We will dig in on her life, family, and children and focus more on her boyfriend, Thomas Sizemore, to elaborate on any information we have about him. Let’s begin!

Understanding Who Janelle Mclntire Is

Janelle is a female, and she is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Tom Sizemore, the American actor. Her ex-boyfriend’s popularity shelters Janell, and unlike him, she enjoys a private life, and we have minimal available information about her. She has not shared details about her early life, education, and even family.

While she was with Tom Sizemore, the two got twins: Jagger Sizemore and Jayden Sizemore. Their twins were born in July 2005. Unfortunately, Janelle and Tom seemed to prefer keeping a low profile and details about their children remain hidden. We’ve not even seen pictures of the twins hanging out with their father.

Who is Janelle’s Ex-Boyfriend

Many of us started hearing about Janelle when she was dating Tom Sizemore. Tom is an American actor who was born on July 4, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan. Tom comes from a successful family. His mother was Judith, and she was a member of the ombudsman staff for Detroit City. As for his father, he wore two suits: a lawyer and a philosophy professor.

Tom was raised in Roman Catholic. Although not much information about his education is available, we know that he graduated in 1983 from Wayne State University, where he got his degree in theater. For his Master’s degree, he attained it in 1986 at Temple University.

Tom began his film appearances in 1989, and he also played different roles in the same year in films such as “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.” He also played a role in the TV series “China Beach,” which also added to his limelight.

In 2002, Tom joined the Hollywood rock band Day 8, and they recorded four songs. Sizemore has had different known relationships. First, in 1996, he married Maeve Quinian, an actress. Their marriage only lasted three years as they divorced in 1999 on grounds that he had drug abuse issues. Later, he was with Janelle, and their relationship gave birth to twins.

Drug Abuse and Death of Janelle’s Ex-Boyfriend

At some point in 2003, Tom was convicted of molesting his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss. According to reports, Sizemore began drug addiction at an early age of 15. He was even sentenced to seven months drug treatment term on March 25, 2005. This action came in after he failed different drug tests during his time on probation.

Moreover, he was caught trying to fake a urine test, and throughout his life, he faced numerous drug abuse issues and various legal problems. Generally, his life was not the smoothest. Unfortunately, Tom suffered a brain aneurysm and died on February 18, 2023, after doctors affirmed that nothing more could be done to save his life.

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