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Unveiling the Rising Star of New Tumblr: The Story behind #WhatShouldWeCallMe



In an era where staying connected across distances is a priority, two best friends found a creative solution to bridge the gap. The result was an increasingly popular Tumblr blog known as #Whatshouldwecallme, where .gifs—moving bitmap images—became their shorthand for communication. What began as a means to stay in touch quickly evolved into a captivating platform that resonated with a wide audience. Let’s delve into the journey of the two founders behind #WSWCM and explore the humor and relatability that have propelled their blog to fame.

Connecting Through .gifs

The creators of #Whatshouldwecallme utilized .gifs to illustrate relatable moments in life. Their inside jokes, conveyed through these animated images, struck a chord with readers. Whether it was the realization that someone’s voice didn’t match their face or the familiar experience of encountering someone wearing the same outfit, the creators found joy in sharing these relatable snippets.

The blog quickly gained traction, amassing over 50,000 followers on Tumblr within a month of its creation. With one to two million page views per day, #WSWCM became a hub for laughter and connection.

Unmasking the Law Student Duo

Curiosity piqued, Forbes sought out the two 24-year-old law students behind the viral sensation. Though they wished to remain anonymous, their pseudonyms—Princess Ariel and Michelle Tanner—provided a glimpse into their personalities and referenced beloved characters from popular culture.

In an interview, they revealed that their blog originated as a whimsical way to remain connected across the distance between them. By sharing .gifs on Tumblr, they could stay updated on each other’s lives and inject humor into their daily conversations.

The Birth of a Blog

The creation of #Whatshouldwecallme was an impulsive decision made during a Gchat session. The accidental typing of “What should we call me?” instead of “What should we call it?” led to the blog’s name. The founders found the typo amusing and decided to embrace it. Little did they know that this spontaneous choice would pave the way for their blog’s success.

Unexpected Viral Fame

Without any intentional promotion, #Whatshouldwecallme quickly gained followers. Though they initially only displayed the blog on their Gchat statuses, the power of online sharing became evident. The founders marveled at the rapid spread of their blog, with its popularity skyrocketing within the first two weeks.

The Humor of .gifs

.gifs have a unique comedic appeal. By juxtaposing captions with unrelated images, a sudden realization or “lightbulb moment” occurs. For example, an image of a car slowly maneuvering through a crowd of energetic sheep becomes hilarious when paired with the caption, “How you feel when you’re the only sober person in a bar.” The incongruity between the image and the situation creates a humorous impact that resonates with readers.

The creators discovered that a plethora of websites offered extensive .gif databases, making it easy to find suitable images. They also mentioned their commitment to providing proper sourcing information whenever possible.

Behind the Scenes of Blogging

When it comes to crafting each day’s posts, the founders have different approaches. Princess Ariel typically finds an image first and then creates a caption that complements it. Michelle Tanner, on the other hand, often begins with a situation or memory from their friendship and searches for a suitable image to match. This dynamic blend ensures a diverse range of relatable content.

Contributions from Readers

One of the most gratifying aspects of running the blog is receiving submissions from readers. People not only share ideas and .gifs but also express their appreciation for brightening their days. The founders cherish the messages they receive, as it validates their endeavor and brings a sense of fulfillment. What started as a fun project between friends has evolved into something much more meaningful, making a positive impact on others’ lives.

The Power of Self-Deprecating Humor

Princess Ariel and Michelle Tanner find that self-deprecating humor resonates strongly with their audience. By poking fun at themselves and their daily struggles, they create relatable content that strikes a chord. Although their jokes are often light-hearted, they touch on common experiences and thoughts that people seldom discuss openly.

A Journey of Friendship and Laughter

To the founders, #Whatshouldwecallme remains a lighthearted and humorous blog. They continue to prioritize making each other laugh, and the blog’s popularity is merely a byproduct of that genuine connection. Despite the recent inclusion of advertisements, their focus remains on fostering laughter and maintaining the authenticity that initially propelled them to success.


The story behind #Whatshouldwecallme exemplifies the power of friendship, relatability, and humor in building an engaging online community. Through the creative use of .gifs, the founders transformed their inside jokes into a viral sensation. While their blog continues to evolve, Princess Ariel and Michelle Tanner remain committed to their main goal: bringing laughter to each other’s lives. In doing so, they inadvertently brighten the days of countless readers around the world.

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