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Olivia Margaret Schelske was born in 2003. She is known as the celebrity daughter of the famous couple Sara Evans and Craig Schelske. She has been in limelight since her birth due to the celebrity status of her parents. But Olivia aspires to be a singer and create her identity just like her mother.

She joined Sara at a private event and the duo sang “Tennessee Whiskey”. She also provided vocals during Sara’s Performance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. She has recently released her music album in 2021.

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Craig Schelske was born on 29th May 1963 in Oregon, USA. He has kept himself away from the media and not much information is available about his early life. However, he took part in the U.S. election as a Republican in 2003 but couldn’t win. He appeared in an episode of the TV documentary series “Inside Fame” as the husband of Sara Evans.

Sara Lynn Evans was born on 5th February 1971 in Missouri, USA. She is known as a famous country singer and songwriter. Evans didn’t pursue her education after high school as she wanted to be a singer. She moved to Nashville and started working as a waitress at The Holiday Inn. Evans got a job as a demo singer where songwriter Harlan Howard discovered her. He convinced RCA Records to audition her. She won the audition and was offered a seven-album deal with RCA Records. Her famous tracks include “I Keep Looking”, “I Could Not Ask for More”, “Saints and Angels” and “As If”. She managed to sell over six million copies of her albums and was awarded by the Academy of Country Music.

Evan met Schelske at Holiday Inn where both were working as waiters. The duo got married in 1993. They had three children: Avery Jack Schelske born in 1999, Olivia Margaret Schelske born in 2003, and Audrey Elizabeth Schilske born in 2004. The couple filed for divorce in 2006 and it was far from amicable. Evan claimed that Schelske was involved in alcohol abuse, pornography, and infidelity. Schelske denied those claims and accused his wife of having multiple affairs with various musicians. The divorce was finalized in 2007 and the custody of all children was granted to Evans.

Evans remarried Jay Barker in 2008. Barker shared custody of four children with his ex-wife but they tried their best to provide the children their privacy. Things got ugly when Barker was arrested for attempting to hit Evan’s car in 2022. It was revealed that Evans had already filed for divorce in 2021 due to “inappropriate marital conduct”.


Olivia Margaret Schelske shares a deep bond with her family, especially her mother. Their shared love of music has made their relationship more special. Olivia has been a great source of strength for her mother during the divorce turmoil. She also launched a band along with her brother Avery Jack in 2019 and named it “The Barker Family Band”. She has kept herself away from the unnecessary media attention and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

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