Is Trevor Noah Gay

Is Trevor Noah Gay? Exploring Trevor Noah’s Dating Life and Rumors Surrounding His Sexuality


Comedians possess the unique ability to entertain millions worldwide, bringing joy and laughter to audiences through their witty humor. Known as the kings and queens of entertainment, they excel not only in comedy but also in various other skills such as hosting, writing, commentating, and producing.

In this article, we will explore the life of the multitalented comedian, Trevor Noah, and address the rumors surrounding his sexuality. Join us as we delve into his early life, family history, career, and dating life to uncover the truth.

Trevor Noah’s Early Life

Trevor Noah, born on February 20th, 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the son of Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and Robert Noah. His mother, of Xhosa descent, is from South Africa, while his paternal grandfather immigrated from Switzerland. Noah attended Maryvale College, a Catholic school located in Maryvale Gauteng, Johannesburg.

Trevor Noah’s Family History

Noah comes from an interracial family and has shed light on the challenges his family faced in his autobiography. During the time of Trevor’s birth, South Africa was under apartheid legislation, which categorized his mother as black, his father as white, and Trevor as colored. The interracial connection between his parents was considered unlawful and illegal under apartheid rule, leading to his mother’s incarceration and fine by the South African government. However, a year after Trevor’s birth, interracial marriages were decriminalized.

Trevor Noah’s Career

Trevor Noah is not only a renowned comedian but also a producer, writer, political analyst, actor, and television host. He began his career in 2002 and has been involved in various films and TV series. Some notable mentions include “You Laugh, But It’s True” (2011), “Taka Takata” (2011), “Mad Buddies” (2012), and even a role in “Black Panther” (2018). He has also appeared in TV series like “Isidingo” (2002), “The Amazing Date” (2008), “Tonight with Trevor Noah” (2010 – 2011), and many others.

Throughout his career, Trevor Noah has received numerous awards, including the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Talk Show Episode, People’s Choice Award for The Nighttime Talk Show of 2018, Dorian Award for TV Current Affairs Show of the Year, Producers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television, NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series, and most recently, an MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Host.

Addressing the Rumors: Is Trevor Noah Gay?

Contrary to rumors, Trevor Noah is not gay and has never been in a same-sex relationship. His dating history with women can confirm this. The speculation surrounding his sexuality may arise from his inability to maintain long-term relationships with his girlfriends, which might mistakenly lead some to assume he is cheating on his partners.

The surge in the number of openly gay celebrities could also contribute to the assumption that Trevor Noah is gay. However, it is important to distinguish between speculation and actual facts.

Trevor Noah’s Dating Life

Trevor Noah has been quite private about his relationships, choosing to keep his dating life away from the public eye. As a result, there is limited information available regarding his current relationship status and sexuality.

Let’s take a glimpse into his past relationships to gain a better understanding:

Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor, a model, songwriter, and real estate agent, was Trevor Noah’s ex-girlfriend. The couple first encountered each other in 2005 and enjoyed spending time together. Their relationship thrived in the vibrant city they called home. However, despite the beauty they shared, their romance came to an end in the summer of 2018 for reasons undisclosed to the public. Despite the breakup, Jordyn Taylor has expressed that she still holds deep affection for Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah’s Relationship with Dani Gabriel

Before dating Jordyn Taylor, Trevor Noah was in a relationship with Dani Gabriel, a physiotherapist based in South Africa. Their partnership lasted for five years. Dani Gabriel, an ardent supporter of Trevor, often accompanied him on his tours. Despite the challenges they faced, including Trevor’s demanding schedule, Dani continues to be a strong advocate for him.

Pop Star Dua Lipa Kissing Trevor Noah

Rumors surfaced about a possible relationship between Trevor Noah and pop star Dua Lipa. However, the validity of these rumors remains unconfirmed. According to The Daily Mail, they were seen together in late September 2022, sharing a kiss and engaging in affectionate behavior. Nevertheless, both parties later clarified that they were just friends, dismissing any notion of a romantic relationship.


In conclusion, Trevor Noah, the actor and former TV host, is straight and not gay. Although he is currently not dating anyone, he has had several relationships in the past with different models, including Jordyn Taylor and Dani Gabriel. In recent news, he was spotted sharing a kiss with model Dua Lipa, but they maintained that their relationship is purely friendly. As of now, Trevor Noah remains single according to our sources. Stay tuned for any updates on his personal life. For more news and reality checks, remember to bookmark our website, Trending News Buzz, to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

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