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5 Things You Should Not Do in a Sober Living House


Getting into a sober living house after your rehab/detox is a worthwhile thing to do. You get a lot of free time to practice your sobriety skills while enjoying the ambience of peace. It is more like a vacation after a long period of work. Although the sober homes provide complete freedom for you, there are certain things you need to avoid doing while you are there. Here is a list of stuff you need to avoid in a sober home.

Using Drugs or Alcohol Inside the Center

This might seem obvious, but many people have been observed breaking their sobriety by starting to consume drugs again while living in a sober home. This is wrong, and it is also a waste of all the time you spent on rehab and detox. An effective transition is when you completely avoid drugs even if they are available in front of you. You need to control the urges that tempt you towards consuming them. Therefore, try to stay away from drugs while you join a sober home.

Carrying Prohibited Things like Guns and Firearms

You might think carrying a gun is for your own safety. But you can be forgetting the fact that these objects pose a threat to others. You may not even be using them but the chances of misfire or getting into the wrong hands remain high. Hence, it is advisable you keep your guns at home before getting into sober houses. There are other prohibited items you cannot carry into sober homes. You will get the list when you book your stay.

Disturbing Others Inside the Center

This is more like an advice than a condition. You will find a lot of different people from different age groups inside the sober homes. Each of them might be there for their own personal reasons and they may or may not be willing to share their stories with you. Hence, you need to maintain a decorum on how to talk to people there. If people are willing to open up to you, you can talk with them and get along. If they don’t however, you can leave them alone. There are also support group meetings where you can interact with your fellow residents.

High Volume On Phones & Tabs

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. You can carry them into the sober houses, but you have to make sure your usage doesn’t disturb others. Listening to music with high volumes, playing violent games with loud noises are all very annoying to some people. So, make sure you carry your earphones/headphones with you or even avoid making loud noises with your gadgets.

Eating Unhealthy Foods is a Big No-No

Finally, eating unhealthy junk food is not advisable during your sober living period. Your body is supposed to recover from the damage it took all these years. Also, you will be provided healthy, nutritious food at the homes.

Sober homes are just places of stay and they don’t provide any urgent care during addiction related emergencies.

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