Cary Benjamin Grant

Cary Benjamin Grant


Cary Benjamin Grant is a little celebrity child, who is already famous in his teenage years because he has a rich lineage of celebrities. From his mother to his grandfather, almost everyone from his family is a big personality in Hollywood. Today, he is best recognized for being the son of American actress Jennifer Grant.

Today, we are here to explore all the details about Cary Benjamin Grant including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details.

Personal life

Cary Benjamin Grant was born on 12th August 2008 as the darling son of Jennifer Grant and her ex-boyfriend Arthur Page IV.  With the fact that he was born into a celebrity family, it does not come as a surprise that Cary Benjamin Grant is blessed with a wonderful childhood filled with luxury and comfort.

If we talk about the love life of Cary Benjamin Grant, the young boy is only 15 years old today. Given the fact, we don’t think he would be having any serious love relationship right now. He might be dating someone but it should be a casual relationship only.

Parents and siblings

Cary Benjamin Grant is one of two children and the only son of his parents, Jennifer Grant and her ex-boyfriend Arthur Page IV, who parted their ways before they could marry. Apart from this relationship, the mother of Cary Benjamin Grant got married for once but her marriage was not successful.

Speaking of their professions, the mother of Cary Benjamin Grant is known to be a famous actress, while no information is available about his father. If you talk about the siblings of Cary Benjamin Grant, he has one younger sister named Davian, who was born in 2011.


Cary Benjamin Grant himself is a young kid of only 15 years old and this is, of course, not the age to have kids.

Education and profession

Although Cary Benjamin Grant is a celebrity child, most of his life details are unknown because his parents have not made them public. This is the reason that you are unlikely to get any confirmed information about the education of Cary Benjamin Grant. The same goes for the profession of Cary Benjamin Grant as well.

Reason for the popularity of Cary Benjamin Grant

Needless to mention the only reason for the popularity of Cary Benjamin Grant is his family, especially his mother, Jennifer Grant and grandfather Cary Grant, both are household names in the American film industry.

Net worth of Cary Benjamin Grant

With the fact that Cary Benjamin Grant is only 15 years old and is not probably professionally active yet, he does not have any net worth either. Nevertheless, he is blessed enough to enjoy a life that is not possible for ordinary people. All thanks to his mother Jennifer Grant, who has worked hard and amassed a whopping net worth of around 20 million.


Not just one but many members of Cary Benjamin Grant’s family are celebrities so it is not a surprise how Cary Benjamin Grant managed to become famous at such a young age.


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