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Charlie Chaplin is a legendary figure we all know. He was an iconic comic actor who made us laugh with his short films. But do you know about Annette Emily Chaplin? Maybe not much or not at all. Well, like all-star kids, she also gains the attention of being the daughter of her famous comedian father, Charlie Chaplin. 

Apart from being an actor, Charlie was proficient as a composer as well as a filmmaker. He became famous during the era of silent films. With his stupendous acting talent, he became an icon around the world and it all came with his screen persona. He appeared as a tramp-like figure and is known as one of the unforgettable figures in the film industry. 

Moving on to Annette Emily Chaplin

Annette Emily Chaplin was born to her celebrity father Charlie Chaplin and his wife Oona O’Neill in Switzerland on 3rd December 1969. Currently, she is 63 years old and is a Sagittarian as per her zodiac. Even though she is the only daughter of her parents, she has other siblings including brothers and sisters. Their names are Josephine Hannah, Michael John, Jane Cecil, Geraldine Leigh, Victoria, Christopher James, and Eugene Anthony. All these were born from 1944 to 1962. 

How Charlie met Oona O’Neill

Now you must be interested in knowing how the iconic comedian actor Charlie Chaplin met his love of life Oona O’Neill. Well, she is known to be the protegee of the legendary actor. She was just eighteen years old and was the daughter of Eugene O’Neill, the famous American playwright. Chaplin was much elder than her at 54 in age. A film agent introduced him to her 7 months earlier. If you read the biography of Charlie Chaplin, then he has mentioned his meeting with Oona and described it as the happiest event in his life. As per his claims, he found the perfect love in her. 

A report by Charles Jr. the son of Charlie Chaplin has cleared that Oona was much more obedient to her father. She remained with him until his demise. In over 18 years, both became parents of 8 children. The marriage of Charlie and Oona took place in 1943 in a beautiful ceremony. The event included family, close friends, and other dear ones. 


Well, we all are aware of the career of Charlie Chaplin but do not have much idea about the career of his daughter Annette Emily Chaplin. She has been living with her husband Jacques Auxenel between Paris, Switzerland, and Montoire sur le Loir and was part of the brand new theatre. Annette had her genes from her actor father in having touched the entertainment world. 

She along with her husband are behind the production of modern comedies, in which she has acted, directed by her husband Jacques. Annette is known to have toured with the monologue Shirley Valentine and is currently in La Belle Vie by French dramatist Jean Anouilh. She has been behind the raising and riding Franche-Montagne/Freiberger stallions. 

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