10 Effective Tips to Make your Pool Energy Efficient.

10 Effective Tips to Make your Pool Energy Efficient.


Do you want to minimize the swimming pool bills? With some energy-efficient tips and techniques, you can do that and also be an active part of the “going green” revolution. Such practices will translate into ecologically responsible and environmentally friendly results. And trying to save the amount of energy lost in your backyard swimming pools, is a part of this responsible behavior.

According to the United States Department of Energy, the backyard swimming pools lose their energy in many ways. But evaporation is the biggest cause of energy loss. In fact, around 70 percent of the loss of energy can easily be attributed to evaporation. I’m a great fan of weather reports and statistics. And thanks to my subscription to one of the Frontier TV channel packages for airing all the authentic weather channels even some expect this to be informed while doing payment of Spectrum home internet through their customer support. I found out on one of these channels that the evaporation rate from the backyard pools depends on the temperature of the pool, humidity, air temperature, and the wind speed on the surface of the pool.

Let’s figure out what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your pool.

Top 10 Tips to Cut Pool Energy Consumption

Use these ten strategies to make your swimming pool energy efficient. If you are designing a new pool, these would help even more. Check out!

  1. Picking the Right Finish.
  2. Installing a Speed-Variable Pool Pump.
  3. Creating a Natural Windbreak.
  4. Optimizing the Plumbing of your Pool.
  5. Using Advanced Heating Technology.
  6. Using Solar Pool Covers.
  7. Using Bigger Pool Filters.
  8. Maintaining the Cleaning System.
  9. Installing LED Lighting.
  10. Automating Pool Operations

Let’s help you do all this right.

Picking the Right Finish

Go for the dark-colored pool finishes. They absorb the rays of the sun and this energy helps in heating up your pool. This natural way of heating and holding energy is the way to go to cut down your heating costs.

Installing a Speed-Variable Pool Pump

A pool with two speeds will help you save money. The variable-speed pumps claim to decrease around 40 to 80 percent of electricity use. They also help in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Creating a Natural Windbreak

Pool landscaping is usually an afterthought for many people. But creating a natural windbreak will lower the evaporation rate immensely and in turn lower your energy costs. It also helps in decreasing the evaporation of already-heated water, hence providing savings. You can:

  • Plant a hedge.
  • Build a berm.
  • Play trees and make a fence.
  • A fancy wall of logs.

Optimizing the Plumbing of your Pool

Do you know that pumps have to work harder to go through the tight turns and narrow pipes designed in the core system of the pool! You need to optimize them to save the energy consumed by those pumps.

Using Advanced Heating Technology

Go for the new technologies, which are now available for pool heating. They are more energy-efficient. Some of them are high-efficiency heaters, hot water solar panels, and deep heating. Most of these new technologies have designed heating up water for the bottom to top.

Using Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers or solar blankets are a great way to conserve energy. Use them to cover your pool to effectively improve the energy efficiency of your pool. These covers resemble huge sheets of bubble wrap. These bubbles trap all the heat in the sunlight and then convey it to the pool. This keeps the temperature of the pool comfortable and warm. The cover floats freely on the pool’s top without the need of anchors or tie-downs.

They are perfect in sunny climates. They can increase the pool’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. You can also install an automatic cover to keep your pool safe.

Using Bigger Pool Filters

Since larger filters come with a bigger surface area for water to flow through, your pump will not need to work that hard in moving the water. Using larger filters will lower the energy consumption of your pump. By doing so, your pump’s life will be extended, hence saving you money.

Maintaining the Cleaning System

Have you ever given a thought to cleaning your cleaning system? Not many people give it a thought. Pool builders usually offer some maintenance plans to keep your system in check. They also ensure proper and streamlined working order. You should definitely consider an effective cleaning system, to have clean and safe swimming experience.

Installing LED Lighting

Do you have incandescent lights installed? You should know that LED lights can save you around 80% more as compared to the incandescent lights. They also last almost three times longer. Go for LED lights.

Automating Pool Operations

You can use the newly introduced technologies to run all the pool systems automatically. They optimize the use of energy and keep energy costs in control. I have them installed and they work effectively. I can’t wait to have an automated system that I can control with my Frontier high-speed Internet. And it is soon going to be there just like these automated pool operations.

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