5 Best Home Tech Solutions for Smart Homeowners

5 Best Home Tech Solutions for Smart Homeowners


Smart thermostats and video doorbells are easy-to-install products for homeowners. Check out more products to save energy and get better home security.

Today, smart homeowners make smart decisions that help them in saving money and are more sustainable for the future. These decisions may be asking for bundles with Cox internet plans and other cable service providers. Also, opting for energy-efficient lighting and thermostats are smart choices too.

In this blog, you can check out 5 home tech solutions that will facilitate you and give you a technologically smart environment. By opting for these products, you can save on utility bills and get better home security. And more importantly, you can get a better home experience.

The following are the 5 smart tech solutions to set up at home:

Smart Doorbells

Traditional doorbells let you know someone is outside your house. You ask who’s out there and then open the door. The most you can do is check from the peephole to see who is out there before opening the door.

Smart doorbells are a significant leap ahead of the old school bells. These bells have advanced features like security cameras that show you what’s happening outside. And the best part is that these devices can connect with your residential internet and notify you when even you are not at home. You can see who is outside from the mobile application and even speak to them straight from the doorbell. The best part is you have access to recorded footage from the smart doorbells.

This feature can help a lot when you are outside. Besides the above-mentioned uses, you can smartly make use of the camera to observe your car in the driveway. Usually, there are service charges for using these bells. These are usually the charges for cloud storage for the recorded footage. But these costs are usually $15 per month.

Smart Thermostat

When you are coming home from work on a hot summer day, you may want your room to be at a pleasant temperature. You can do this easily with your internet-connected mobile devices when you have a smart thermostat. Similarly, when it’s snowing outside, you can set the WiFi-connected thermostat to heat.

Smart thermostats can help you in saving electricity too. You can turn off the heating and cooling system when no one’s home through the mobile application. So, it is another smart device you can consider having at your home.

Smart Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

Fire alarms and smoke detectors are usually very annoying. Even the smoke from your toaster can trigger them. Also, they only warn you when you are at home. But when you are not at home? That’s where smart smoke detectors and alarms can help you.

There are many smart choices like Google Nest Protect that connect to your WiFi and notify you in case of an emergency. Also, you can call 911 quicker when you are notified in due time. So, it is another device you should get for your house.

Smart Lighting

Are you tired of asking the kids to turn off the lights every time they leave their rooms? If you are, you can turn them off by yourself from your mobile. Smart lightbulbs can be turned on and off straight from your mobile. Just like the smart doorbell, you don’t even have to be at home to use these features as they can be connected with WiFi.

Turning on and off remotely are not the only features these smart lightbulbs have. You can also change the color of the lights if you are bored of the standard white light. There are other customizable and programmable features on these lights too that you can use.

Solar Panels

One way to reduce your energy bills by a lot is to invest in solar panels. A solar energy setup at your residence generates clean and green energy that you can use instead of regular electricity. You can store the electricity produced in the daylight and use it at night by storing it in batteries.

Another advantage of having solar panels at your house is that there are many incentives for installing green energy sources. These incentives make solar panels more affordable to install. Lastly, if your power creation exceeds your requirements, you can earn from it. In short, if you have the budget, installing solar panels is highly advisable.

Quick Recap

There are smart tech solutions you can have at home security and energy efficiency. These solutions are video doorbells, smart thermostats, smart lighting, WiFi-connected smoke alarms, and solar panels. All these solutions are worth investing in.

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