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Is Zinc Point Ammo Safe? Exploring User Experiences and Concerns Introduction


Zinc Point ammo has recently gained attention in the firearms community, and questions have arisen regarding its safety and reliability. In this article, we will delve into user experiences, concerns, and available information surrounding Zinc Point ammunition. With the keyword “Zinc Point ammo” as the focal point, we will examine different perspectives and shed light on the topic.


Exploring User Experiences

Until recently, many people were unfamiliar with Zinc Point ammunition, including myself. Intrigued by a sale, I purchased some of their 5.56 rounds. While the ammo appeared fine, it seemed to utilize cases from other manufacturers. As it was factory loaded, I assumed it would be safe to use. Having fired around 200 rounds out of the 800 I purchased, I contemplated ordering more but decided to research online for reviews. To my surprise, I came across two YouTube videos discussing their 9mm ammo. One individual experienced a squib load, and there were reports of two additional incidents involving others.

In another video, a person’s Glock pistol was damaged when firing Zinc Point 9mm ammunition. It’s worth noting that both of these incidents occurred approximately a year ago.

Concerns and Personal Preferences

Personally, I only shoot factory new brass cases or my own reloads in my firearms. While I haven’t encountered any issues with the Zinc Point 5.56 ammo so far, the accounts of squibs and malfunctions with the 9mm ammunition are troubling. Now, I would like to hear from you—what experiences, positive or negative, have you had with Zinc Point ammo?

To further complicate matters, it remains uncertain whether Zinc Point manufactures their own ammunition or resells products from other sources. They have been known to sell mild steel core 7.62×39 rounds that were underpowered by approximately 150 fps and featured questionable corrosive primers. Additionally, they offer battle packs of what appears to be surplus 5.56 and 7.62 NATO ammo, but there are indications that they may be disassembling these rounds and reloading them. I have reached out to the company multiple times to review their ammunition, and while they initially expressed interest, there has been subsequent silence.

User Experiences and Opinions

Let’s take a look at some comments and opinions shared by users on online forums:

  • User #2: “I’ve shot their 9mm, no way I’d shoot their rifle ammo or buy the 9mm again. Some loads were hot, some normal, poor accuracy, and I experienced frequent failures to feed. Garbage.”
  • User #3: “I recently finished up the last of the 1,000 rounds of their 223/556 ammo. Never had an issue with it. However, I had some problems with their 9mm ammo, which makes me hesitant to order from them again. I’ll stick to name-brand 9mm from now on.”
  • User #4: “I bought an 800-round pack, but I haven’t shot any yet.”
  • User #5: “Mine has ZSR headstamps. I think they are just importing Turkish ammo and labeling it as their own. Mine shows signs of annealing and looks nice. The boxes have lot numbers.”
  • User #6: “I purchased the FAMAE 308/7.62, and it appears to be factory Chilean. They are certainly an oddball source, and not all of their offerings may be the same.”

Seeking Answers and Experiences

In an online discussion, a user addressed another member, asking for their thoughts and experiences with Zinc Point ammo. If you have firsthand experience with this ammunition, we would appreciate hearing your insights.

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