Interior Designer and a Decorator

What Is the Difference between an Interior Designer and a Decorator?


Interior design focuses on the relationship between human behavior and a space’s functionality and design. Interior decorating involves improving a space’s ornamental aspects to attain an aesthetic goal. Designers and decorators may collaborate or handle specific elements of each other’s work, but they differ. Here is more information about the difference between interior designers South Florida and decorators:

Occupational Outlook

An interior designer follows a systematic and harmonized procedure to offer artistic and technical solutions to improve a built interior environment. If you search for “interior designers South Florida,” you can find professionals who will analyze a client’s office or living space and integrate knowledge to fulfill their needs and resources.

An interior decorator beautifies a space using decorative elements like color, style, rugs, furniture, and wall coverings. They collaborate with home décor experts like upholsterers and cabinetmakers to improve a client’s interior space. They enhance an existing interior space.


Becoming an interior designer requires formal education and training. They study color and cloth, space layout, computer-aided design (CAD) training, and other components. An accredited institution should offer the design program. After graduating, designers can learn from certified and renowned interior designers before launching their practice or joining an agency.

Interior decorating has no formal training requirements. Decorators work fundamentally on a space’s ornamental elements. They don’t usually participate in structural planning. An interior decorator focuses on surfaces of finished structural planning and implementation. 


States have different credentialing requirements for practicing interior designers. Some demand the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Certification to demonstrate a designer’s aptitude and qualification. The certification is offered upon passing the interior design exams. Some designers seek certifications and credentials to distinguish themselves from decorators in states without requirements.

Decorating has no standard training program or license, although many experts hold certificates in graphic design and other related courses. Interior designers use their project portfolios to attract clients or build industry reputations. Displaying models of finished projects showcases their proficiency and style to clients. Some undergo courses to validate formal training. These programs cover color, fabric, space layouts, and planning. Agencies like Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.) offer training and accreditation. Some apprentices or interns under established professionals learn decorative principles and practical elements.

Work Scope

Interior designers research and evaluate clients’ demands and develop interior planning to optimize functionality, appeal, and comfort. They observe building codes and regulations when creating floor plans to place decorative accents. They collaborate with architects, contractors, and property developers to develop and actualize design plans. Clients can work on residential or commercial projects depending on their goals and budgets.

Interior decorators focus on renovation projects with minor building or repairs. They usually reposition or swap furniture, color schemes, and rugs in space while preserving its structural foundation. Interior decorators are hired to spruce up multiple rooms that require updates or renovations. They work independently but may collaborate with other decorating teams. Decorators may partner with homeowners or companies but are excluded from contractors’ or architects’ work arrangements. They may work with furniture shops, carpenters, upholsterers, or painters.

Contact Expert Interior Designers South Florida

Hire an interior designer for projects requiring structural rebuilding, like rearranging plumbing or electrical systems. They have the skill and training to design your space without compromising structural integrity. Check the designer’s credentials, accreditation, portfolio, and reviews before hiring. Ask about the designing process to know the timeline and budget to avoid surprises and disappointments. Contact interior designers in South Florida to optimize your project plan, aesthetics, and functionality. Get started working with an interior designer or decorator to update the look of your home or office space today.

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