The top 8 video editing Software in 2022

The top 8 video editing Software in 2022


Professional video editors cost a lot to employ, and if your budget isn’t enough to cover the expense, you’re left the option of editing yourself. However, learning how to work with an editing program for professional videos requires patience, time and determination, so you’ll need a simpler program to help you get comfortable with the world of editing videos. Which software do you need to choose?

The answer is contingent on whether you’re just looking for an immediate solution can be used without the difficult learning curve that comes with complicated software or if you are planning to devote time in the near future to mastering advanced editing software.

This article will review several easy-to-use video editing tools, grouped in two categories:

Video editing software that you can start using immediately to achieve amazing outcomes

Software that can be used now as a first step to professional video editing software.

Here is the list of applications

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements — even though it’s part of Adobe collection of software for editing video, which includes the sophisticated Adobe Premiere Pro — is created with beginners in mind. It’s a much simpler and more user-friendly tool than its professional editing counterpart. This video editing software that is based on timelines is ideal for editing videos with live ‘guided edits’ that allow you to include effects, overlays, animations, and transitions.

Elements, like iMovie and Moviemaker is more geared towards the user over these other editing software listed, making it more suitable for the creation of personal videos.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is on Mac and iOS devices (including iPads, iPhones, and iMac computers) for those who wish to create videos, basic Youtube videos, and other short clips. It utilizes simple drag-and-drop features to trim videos based on an outline of a timeline. This can really help you increase your Instagram and tiktok followers the same way Igtok does.It offers tools for adding titles music, effects, and titles such as ready-made transitions split-screen effects and audio fade. Additionally, it offers a variety of audio and video filters. effects.

iMovie requires downloading and can only edit videos that have been saved on your computer (or the device you’re using to access iMovie) and can slow down the editing process. It doesn’t have any specific tools for collaboration to gather feedback from members of your teamin particular those that don’t have an iOS device You must download and email the files directly to each individual or share it via another platform.


Camtasia can be described as a screen recording program and video editor for equally Windows as well as Mac. It’s claimed to be easy to master “without a big budget or fancy editing skills.” The template-based method is ideal for editing and creating video tutorials, instructional videoson YouTube instructional videos, explainer videos and video lessons, in addition to other applications. This is available for Windows and Mac similarly as BNSF Emulator.

Camtasia’s built-in editor for video is based on timelines and utilizes drag and drop features to include text, transitions, and visual effects.

This software is suitable for video projects that are very basic. The creators of the software suggest an approach that is three steps in

  • Record your screen.
  • Add a few Effects.
  • Share.

If all you’re seeking is to bring a bit of shine to your videos, Camtasia might be just what you require. The editing tools are limited but if are planning to create highlight reels or examine large quantities of footage it’s best to work by other software.


Filmora is an “simple video editor” for Windows 10 and 11 that “simplifies advanced features”. The features for editing video include effects for video, green screen keyframing, motion tracking and speed control, color-grading and other features. If you’re in search of an application for editing video for fast-moving videos, like music videos, sports footage and videos that are fast-paced generally, Filmora is an excellent option. Filmora is also favored by reviewers. Filmora because it can work with many different video formats.

When it comes to video with a focus on talk the editing capabilities of Filmora might be overkill because its primary goal is to create fast-moving video content, with added fashionable visual effects. You can try eclipse emulator as well. Filmora is a Filmora software is very heavy and needs 10GB of hard disk space along with 8GB of RAM to play HD and 4K videos.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a timeline-based video editing application that’s created for beginners in video editing gamers, YouTubers or film-related students. It’s widely regarded as one of the top free video editors on the market and makes use of numerous of the similar editors’ tools as well used by more sophisticated software. It’s an excellent starting point to move on to professional software later on.

While onboarding may not be as simple and quick as the tools mentioned in the previous category tutorials are readily available on the internet.


Descript is an audio and video editing program that focuses on editing and editing screen recordings. It lets users edit audio as well as videos by editing the text. This is described in the description as “a multitrack audio workstation, complete with everything you need to create a podcast, from recording to rough cuts, mixing to publishing.”

Since its primary goal is to record and edit podcasts Descript offers a wide range of editing and mixing tools that will be more than you need when you’re inclined to create films or documentaries, as an instance.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is aimed at those who wish to “edit like a pro.” It comes with all the features you’d expect from professional-grade video editing software. These include multi-cam editing, video masking motion tracking split-screen videos audio editing, color-grading overlays, effects as well as custom titles and many more. It is available as Standard, Plus, and Ultimate versions, which allow users to upgrade as they become more proficient using the tools it offers.

Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 365, gives you an array of tools for video edit. It is designed to meet a variety of user levels, ranging from beginning to advanced. It’s a full set for video editor software available for Windows which you can add to as you gain proficiency. The software’s base version offers an array of videos templates which are simple to use (after watching a few tutorials). Once you are comfortable with the program you will be able to explore more advanced methods and techniques.

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