Swimming Benefits for Children with Down Syndrome

Swimming Benefits for Children with Down Syndrome


Down syndrome is a common condition, and around one in a thousand babies are born with this. The condition emerges when children have an extra set of chromosomes. It slows down their physical and brain development. Children with this condition have special needs; however, they can live happy and healthy lives with little support.

Children with Down syndrome face various sorts of physical and mental health challenges, along with dealing with societal stigmatization. They are not fast and quick in physical sports and are often advised to avoid physical exertion. However, swimming is the activity that boosts their brain and health development while offering numerous other benefits.

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Top 7 Benefits of Swimming for Children with Down syndrome

Parents of children with Down syndrome often dread them getting anywhere near water. They believe they cannot swim properly and can endanger their life. However, it is not true. Children with Down syndrome can swim easily and often participate in Special Olympics. Besides a professional sporting activity, swimming offers them numerous health benefits.

Here are the major benefits children with Down syndrome can avail of swimming on a regular basis.

1.    Boosts Physical Strength

Children with Down syndrome usually have weak muscles, negatively impacting their physical strength and wellbeing. They have a high risk of developing injuries even with limited external push. Such children often develop numerous other physical illnesses, which rob strength even more. Swimming can boost physical strength as water removes the stress from the muscles and help them relax. Many parents head to swimming with dolphin Dubai based facilities and help such children enjoy the activity while developing muscle strength.

2.    Helps Weight Management

One of the most crucial concerns of children with Down syndrome is obesity and higher weight. Such children usually have shorter stature than their peers. Their metabolic rate is also lower. So, even low-calorie consumption leads them to gain more weight. Being overweight leads to numerous other complexities. Swimming is the activity that helps them exert calories and manage their weight smoothly. Unlike other exercises, it is perfect for losing weight.

3.    Improve Balance and Coordination

Due to lower physical and brain development, children with Down syndrome often face issues with maintaining balance and coordination. Infants can easily move their hands, feet, eyes, etc., at the same time, in the same or opposite direction. However, it is challenging even for adults with Down syndrome. Swimming regulates their movement in the water, requiring them to use their limbs. It helps them keep their balance and boost coordination while improving overall health.

4.    Improves Gait

Children with Down syndrome often have flat feet and other foot issues, apart from balancing issues. All of these collectively impact their gait. Such children face difficulty in walking immediately after getting up. They have to maintain their balance and carefully shift it from one foot to the other. Due to this, they usually take shorter steps and walk slowly. Swimming has a positive impact on improving their gait, as it improves their balance and muscle strength.

5.    Unique Sensory Experience

One of the major benefits of swimming for children with Down syndrome is that it offers a unique sensory experience. Slow brain development means such children have a slower sensory response. Their senses are not too sharp, and they need a few minutes to process and act accordingly. Being in the water, they can use all their senses, which will not only offer a great experience but boost their development too.

6.    Offer Socialization Opportunities

Due to slow brain development, the mental age of children with Down syndrome is much lower than their peers. Even adults with Down syndrome depict a mental age of eight to nine years old kids. They are not at par with their peers and feel left behind. Due to this, socialization is often a challenge for them. However, swimming is an activity that encourages them to interact with other people. Swimming competitions can offer more socialization opportunities, positively impacting their emotional well-being.

7.    Boost Cognitive Processing

Children with Down syndrome have slow brain development. Due to this, they often have slower cognitive processing. They cannot react immediately even if in danger. Their speech is not fluent, and they need help in routine care. All of these issues arise due to slow cognitive processing. Swimming helps them take time to think and act accordingly and boost their cognitive processing. So, you should buy tickets online and swim with dolphins Dubai based facilities and take your child with Down syndrome to enjoy the time and activity while ensuring developmental benefits.

Are you looking for activities for your child with Down syndrome?

Swimming is the perfect activity that will offer entertainment along with health benefits. Moreover, swimming with dolphins can help them enjoy their time more. So, head to professional and well-established facilities to help your children distress and gain health benefits.

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