Roy Austin Graham

Roy Austin Graham, Education, Early Life, Marriage, Parents, Siblings


Roy Austin Graham is best known as the son of an American evangelist and missionary, Franklin Graham. Roy Austin Graham’s mother is Jane Austin Cunningham Graham. His siblings are Will Graham, Edward Bell Graham, and Jane Graham Lynch.

Pastor Franklin Graham is famous as a man of God in the United States. He is one of the most paid pastors and is prominent for his contribution to Christianity. In this post, we shall introduce you to Evangelist Franklin’s son named Roy Austin Graham. Keep reading if you would like to uncover some facts about him.

Roy Austin Graham’s Biography

Roy Austin Graham was born in 1977 to Pastor Franklin Graham and his ever-supportive wife, Jane Austin Cunningham Graham. Roy is an American citizen born in the United States, and his hometown is Boone, North Carolina. He is now a grown-up man currently in his middle 40s.

Reason for Popularity

Roy Austin Graham is famous and well known as the son of Franklin Graham. His family is popular in the media for their work in sharing the gospel of Christianity. Roy’s mother is always seen beside her husband supporting and cheering the man of God. Cissie Graham Lynch, Roy’s younger sister, is an advocate for the right of women and children.

Roy Austin Graham’s Wife and Children

Despite being from a prominent family, Roy is private about his personal affairs. Whether the pastor’s son is married with kids is still a secret. But going by the family’s stand in society and Roy’s age, he should be married. Roy Austin Graham must have found his soulmate and should be raising his own children by now.


Roy Austin Graham is not the only child of his parents. Franklin Graham and his wife Jane Austin have been together for several decades and are still loyal to each other. The couple is blessed with three adorable children.

Roy Austin Graham is the firstborn of his parents. He is an elder brother to his two siblings.

Roy’s immediate younger brother is Edward Bell Graham, born in 1979. His other sibling is Cissie Graham Lynch. She is the younger sister who is a human rights activist born in 1986.

Education and Career

As mentioned earlier, Roy Austin Graham is a private person. We do not know his educational background and his career path. He grew up in a religious environment and was imbibed with moral principles. Aside from assisting his father in preaching the gospel, we are certain that Roy is thriving in whatever career path he has chosen.

Net Worth

Roy Austin Graham’s net worth is not known at the moment. But his father is one of the most paid pastors in the world, and many people get shocked when they discover his net worth. Also, the pastor’s financial worth has generated many controversies over the years.

Franklin Graham makes an annual figure of about $880 thousand. His net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

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