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Milwaukee Energy Drink: Juiceboxxx Launches Thunder Zone Entertainment



In the vibrant city of Milwaukee, the talented rapper Juiceboxxx has been making waves with his infectious party-rap anthems. He’s been a fixture in the national DIY touring scene for years, but it was only this fall that he decided to take his career to the next level by launching his own label. Drawing inspiration from iconic record labels like Factory Records and Grand Royal Records, Juiceboxxx aspires to operate without any creative constraints, focusing on releasing fun-loving music that gets people psyched. This led to the birth of Thunder Zone Entertainment, an ambitious venture that aims to redefine the boundaries of music and beyond.

Juiceboxxx’s Vision and Thunder Zone Entertainment

Juiceboxxx’s dream of having his own label has been brewing for some time now, and he is determined to make it an unprecedented success. Thunder Zone Entertainment, the embodiment of his elevated ideals, seeks to transcend musical conventions and propel artists to new heights. The label’s name perfectly encapsulates the energy and passion that Juiceboxxx injects into his music, and he’s committed to ensuring that the label lives up to its name.

A Dream Realized: Thunder Zone’s First Release

In a monumental step towards achieving his goals, Thunder Zone Entertainment recently dropped its inaugural release: a seven-inch single from the highly-acclaimed Alabama hip-hop duo, G-Side. The decision to produce rap seven-inches was a deliberate one, as Juiceboxxx noticed a gap in the market for this classic format. The single not only marked a significant milestone for G-Side, being their first vinyl release, but it also featured a remix by Providence-based production group Javelin on the B-Side. The collaboration added an extra layer of excitement and brought the project even more attention, including coverage by reputable music publication Pitchfork.

Expanding the Thunder Zone Brand

Juiceboxxx’s ambitious vision doesn’t stop with music releases. In fact, he has even grander plans for Thunder Zone Entertainment. Two exciting projects on the horizon include the launch of an exclusive energy drink and a line of press-on nails. While it may seem like an unconventional pairing, these diverse products are all part of Juiceboxxx’s creative expression and brand identity. His goal is to blend different cultural influences, merging the suburban and urban worlds with a dash of toughness and an extreme attitude.

The Unique Approach to Business

Juiceboxxx’s approach to business is anything but conventional. He seamlessly transitions from producing music to creating various merchandise without breaking a sweat. The experience gained from years in the music industry has equipped him with the skills needed to venture into other areas. While the energy drink might not be the primary focus, it serves as an aesthetically complementary addition to the Thunder Zone brand, sitting alongside records and apparel.

The Rap Game, Elevated

In an industry where rappers have explored other entrepreneurial ventures, Juiceboxxx stands out for his boundless enthusiasm and willingness to explore uncharted territory. His brand is not just limited to music; it’s a multidimensional entity fueled by creativity and daring. As he continues to envision new projects and collaborations, Thunder Zone Entertainment promises to reach even greater heights.


Juiceboxxx’s journey from a Milwaukee rapper to the founder of Thunder Zone Entertainment is a testament to his unwavering passion and determination. By fearlessly exploring unexplored avenues, he has breathed life into his dreams and created a platform that celebrates artistic freedom and boundless creativity. With music releases, an energy drink, and press-on nails on the horizon, Thunder Zone Entertainment is poised to make a thunderous impact on the world of entertainment and beyond. As Juiceboxxx himself puts it, “I don’t even know where it’s gonna go.” But one thing is certain: wherever Thunder Zone goes, it will ascend to new and exhilarating levels.

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