Embrace the “Lot Vision” with Vacation’s Revolutionary Approach to Sun Protection



Remember the days when sun worshippers basked in the backyard with baby oil, hoping to achieve the perfect tan? Those carefree moments, filled with a subversive and glamorous allure, have now been reignited by Vacation®, an award-winning sunscreen company based in Miami. With their line of Leisure-Enhancing Sunscreen™ products, the founders of Vacation have successfully tapped into the desire for fun and cheekiness while providing optimal sun care.

A Nostalgic Visionary

Vacation was founded in June 2021 by former advertising executives Lach Hall and Dakota Green, along with Marty Bell from Poolsuite. Inspired by the sun-soaked days of 1980s beach culture, the brand has created a 360-degree world of nostalgia, encompassing product development, packaging, and social media. By referencing the aesthetics of the ’80s, Vacation aims to evoke a time when sunscreen was more enjoyable.

A Serious Mission with Fun at Its Core

While Vacation focuses on enhancing leisure, the founders are determined to prove that their mission is serious business. In mid-May, they announced a successful Series A fundraising round, securing over $11.2 million. With these funds, Vacation plans to expand its distribution, ensuring its products are available wherever sunscreen is sold. By injecting fun back into the sunscreen aisle, Vacation is making a lasting impact.

A Fun Approach to Function and Performance

Vacation’s products can currently be found at retailers like Blue Mercury, Nordstrom, and Ulta Beauty, as well as popular “leisure” destinations such as Kith, The Standard, and Ace Hotel Miami. Although the brand places a strong emphasis on fun, the founders understand the importance of function and performance. They collaborated with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Hale and esteemed perfumers Carlos Huber and Rodrigo Flores-Roux to create unique SPF products that offer optimal sun protection while indulging the senses.

Capturing the Imagination

Vacation initially gained attention with its Chardonnay Sunscreen and Classic Lotion, which embraced an ’80s retro aesthetic reminiscent of Club Med and Miami Vice. Recent product launches have further solidified Vacation’s position as a cultural phenomenon. The Super Spritz SPF 50 Face Mist, designed for use at home, the office, and by the pool, offers a refreshing twist on traditional sunscreen. The Classic Whip SPF 30 sunscreen, inspired by whipped cream, continues to captivate consumers with its sensorial experience, mimicking the texture and appearance of the popular dessert topping.

Unforgettable and Surprising

In April, Vacation introduced its most significant product launch of the year—the SPF 30 Baby Oil. While it may seem unconventional, this baby oil is specifically designed for sun protection. By combining the indulgent nature and shiny texture of traditional tanning oils with SPF 30 protection and high-quality ingredients, Vacation is allowing customers to relive the nostalgia of carefree tanning while prioritizing their skin’s health.

Beyond Sunscreen: A Fragrant Escape

Fragrance Revival plays a crucial role in all Vacation products, with the brand’s signature scent replicated in perfume, candles, and car air fresheners. This distinct fragrance transports users to their favorite vacation memories, combining classic sunscreen notes with poolside scents and tropical aromas. By engaging multiple senses, Vacation provides a truly immersive experience for its customers.

Join the Vacation Community

Vacation’s inclusive and approachable brand ethos extends to its customers, inviting them to become part of the Vacation universe. Customers can share their feedback, become community members, and sign up for updates, allowing them to actively engage with the brand. The brand’s Instagram account reflects this inclusive vibe, incorporating subtle references and “Easter eggs” that enhance the overall vacation experience.

A Brand for Everyone

Vacation celebrates the quintessential family vacation, embracing all-inclusive resorts rather than exclusive luxury destinations. By embodying the classic concept of a nostalgic vacation, Vacation ensures that its brand appeals to a broad audience. The founders intentionally remain in the background, allowing the brand itself to shine and become the hero, as everyone’s idea of vacation is unique and personal.

A Fun and Enduring Journey

Vacation’s founders embarked on this sunscreen venture with the simple goal of making sun protection fun. They created a whimsical, Willy Wonka-style brand that defied conventions and embraced unconventional concepts. The overwhelming positive response from consumers is a testament to their success. As Vacation continues to revolutionize the sunscreen industry, their commitment to delivering innovative, enjoyable, and safe products remains unwavering.


Vacation has reimagined the way we think about sun protection by infusing it with fun and nostalgia. With their extensive line of Leisure-Enhancing Sunscreen™ products, Vacation has captured the hearts of consumers, delivering on their mission to make sunscreen enjoyable once again. By prioritizing both function and performance, Vacation is proving that sun protection doesn’t have to be a clinical experience. As the brand expands its reach and continues to innovate, Vacation is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the world of sun care.

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