Lorrell Faison

Know About Azie Faison’s Daughter Lorrell Faison


Lorrell Faison is the daughter of Azie Faison, who is an American former drug dealer and film producer and businessman. Lorrell was one of the most notorious drug dealers during the rise of drug trafficking in New York. He became popular as an individual drug dealer during the War on Drugs era in the U.S. He is nicknamed as “AZ”. He was crime boss in drug dealing for 5 years till the age of 26. After leaving the illegal drug trade, he formed the hip-hop group MobStyle. The group released an album in the 1990s. He also released his solo albums. Inspired from his life, various rap songs, books, movies and documentaries were made. The 2002 film, Paid in Full was based on various drug dealing events of his life.

He also started a movement to spread awareness among underprivileged youths during trafficking in impoverished neighborhoods.

Lorrell Faison’s Family Background

Lorrell’s father Azie Faison Jr. was born on November 11, 1964, in New York City. Azie was raised by his single mother with his older sister. In 1970 He along with his family relocated to the Sugar Hill neighborhood in Harlem, New York after their tenement was destroyed in a fire, when he was just 6 years old. To support his family Azie dropped out of high school after the ninth-grade. He worked as a dry cleaner for two year and did several other odd jobs. He is married to Nikel Goledd with whom he has five kids.

Lorrell Faison’s Career

Lorrell’ father Azie Faison drew towards the drug trade when he watched the epic crime film  “Scarface” 1983. Soon he came in contact with a local Dominican supplier whom he met at his dry cleaning job. He got involved in the cocaine trade and gradually got engaged in drug trade across New York in 1984.

At the age of 21, Azie became a full time cocaine wholesaler in Harem. He earned more than $40,000 a week. By 1990 he expanded his drug trade across other parts of the U.S. and turned it into one of the country’s most notorious drug distributors during the War on Drugs era. Azie joined Alpo Martinez and his childhood friend Rich Porter to expand their operations and emerge as New York’s biggest drug distributors.

Azie’s drug network started declining when he was shot nine times during a robbery attempt in 1987 and was hospitalized for a longer period. After the incident dispute emerged between the Azie, Porter, and Martinez, which culminated into Porter’s murder by Martinez in 1990. Martinez was arrested and convicted in 1991.

Lorrell Faison’s Family Net Worth 

Lorrell’s father raised the biggest portion of his wealth from illegal drug dealing and other criminal activities apart from later film and television works. During his peak as a drug dealer he is known to have earned more than $100,000 a week. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. After leaving drug dealing he started a mission to prevent youths from drug trafficking. He collaborated with street documentarian Troy Reed to produce a documentary about his life called Game Over. On his life an autobiographical movie “Paid in Full” was released in 2002 in which he was portrayed by Wood Harris.

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