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The lives of celebrities have been of much interest to entertainment lovers. Be it their rumored affairs, relationships, divorce, controversies, contributions, and so on. Everything seems covered at large by the media. The kids of celebrities need not have to struggle to gain stardom like their parents, they get noticed for their being star kids of celebrities. 

One such example is Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans. She is the daughter of famous television host, film producer, and relationship expert, Daphne Wayans. She is the ex-wife of Keenen Ivory Wayans. You might be knowing about her but how much do you know about Jolie, her daughter? If not, then no issue, as today we are going to present some unknown facts about her in this article. Please read it till the end. 

About Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans

Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans is the daughter of her celebrity mother, Daphne Wayans. She is a famous television host, film producer, and relationship expert. She was born in the United States of America on 25th June 1992. Hence, she is an American, and her zodiac is cancer. Her mother Daphne was married to Keenen Ivory Wayans, but now there is no relationship between them. They were introduced by the famous comedian actor Eddie Murphy. 

Both Keenen and Daphne come close when they started dating each other. Both the couple have enjoyed the summers together. Both had different natures, where Daphne seem serious, and Keenen is just opposite to her in being a funnier person. With his power of humor, he made her laugh to her knees. And this made their bonding too closer. And so both decided to be soulmates by getting married to each other. 

When Daphne was just 18 years old, she was a constant visitor to Keenen’s family. She used to spend time with his family members. After marriage in 2001 on 16th June, both became parents to a daughter Jolie. Both Keenen and Daphne had spent a lovely time together in a relationship but it seems they were not made for each other for long, and so both parted ways after divorce in 2006 on 11th December. Despite not being together with each other, both Keenen and Daphne have maintained a cordial and friendly bonding with each other. Currently, Daphne is living alone. 

Coming on to Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans, she was born in 1992 on June 25th as mentioned above. There is no data available on her education. In 1996, Daphne once again became a mother by giving birth to another girl, named Nala Yasmeen Ivory Wayns. Both Keenen and Daphne had already 3 children at the time when they were in a relationship.

How much is the net worth of Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans?

When it comes to earning money, then Jolie Imani Wayans is very young to achieve that. However, her mother’s net worth is around $15 million. Daphne is counted among the A-list actors in Hollywood. $51148 is her yearly compensation fee as a film producer. 

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