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Douglas Peter Savant: Here Learn More About The Actor And Father Of Lucy Jane


Douglas Peter Savant is a renowned actor in the Hollywood industry and he has done a marvelous job in the Fox prime-time soap opera and comedy-drama Desperate Wives. Along with the acting, he is the most caring and responsible father of their children. He has four children including a charming daughter Lucy Jane Leighton Savant and two grandchildren. Now let’s discuss more about his career, interest, and personal life and if you are a fan of him then you would really enjoy it. 

Let’s reveal more about his acting career, awards, interest, and personal life 

Early life – 

Douglas Peter Savant was born on 21 June 1964 in Burbank, California. He has completed his education in the same city at the University of California. 

He married his co-star Laura Leighton and become a father of two more children after his first marriage which didn’t last long. 

Douglas Peter’s Career –

  • Douglas started acting when he was a teenager and worked as a teen in films since the year 1985. 
  • Some of the films are – Secret Admirer, Teen Wolf, Trick or treat, Masquerade, and Desperate Wives. 
  • The role which people admire the most was Matt Fielding in the Melrose Palace of prime-time soap opera. In this – he has played the character of a gay man and the way he portrayed the role was a matter of appreciation. After the five seasons of this series, he left it and moved to new projects. 
  • Then Douglas played the role in the Godzilla film in the year 1988, then some more as a guest star like – the outer limits, profiler, firefly, JAG, NYPD blue, and many more. 
  • In the year 2004, he was offered the comedy-drama series Desperate wives and he has done another splendid job in the series with his co-star Laura. 

Awards and nominations – 

Due to his brilliant performance in almost every film, Douglas was awarded the Screen Actor guild awards in the year 2006. Nominated for the same in the year 2007 to the year 2009. Today his net worth is around $3 million and owns several luxurious stuff or accessories. 

Interesting facts about Douglas Peter Savant – 

  • He dropped college in order to pursue acting. 
  • He started acting in the mid of 80s
  • He is a gym freak and prefers to maintain his health. 
  • Health conscious and avoids sugar or fast food in the diet.
  • Due to his acting career, he has achieved the dream to travel all around the globe. He is keenly interested in traveling. 
  • He is a pet lover, especially tigers and owns two dogs. 
  • He is an actor but still, he has a list of his favorite stars, some of them are – Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, and Will Smith. Douglas has seen almost every movie by his favorite actor and actresses. 

Wrapping Up – 

Douglas is now 56 years old and still doing a marvelous job in the field of acting. For more insights about the celebrity, stay connected. 

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