Jade Cargill Husband: AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Results and Winners

Jade Cargill Husband: AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Results and Winners



In the electrifying event of AEW Double or Nothing 2023 held in Las Vegas, Jade Cargill suffered her first loss, breaking her impressive streak. This article will dive into the results of the event, highlighting the matches and winners, with a special focus on Jade Cargill’s journey in the AEW TBS Championship. Join us as we explore the intense battles, surprises, and the future of the AEW World Championship.

AEW Double or Nothing 2023: Results and Highlights

Blackjack Battle Royal: Orange Cassidy Triumphs

The event kicked off with a thrilling Blackjack Battle Royal, where Orange Cassidy emerged victorious. The entertaining and action-packed match saw several shocking eliminations, including Penta El Zero M accidentally eliminating Rey Fenix. In the end, it was Cassidy’s cunning tactics that secured him the win, making him the crowd favorite of the night.

Grade: B+

Unsanctioned Match: Adam Cole vs. Chris Jericho

Next up was the highly anticipated clash between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho. The match had a slow start, but things heated up when Britt Baker intervened with a kendo stick, igniting a fiery response from the audience. Ultimately, it was Adam Cole’s ruthless assault with a chain that led to the referee stopping the match. While the result was met with boos, there’s no denying the intensity of the battle between these two wrestling powerhouses.

Grade: C+

AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR vs. Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett

FTR, known for their no-nonsense style, surprised the crowd with a flashy double dropkick reminiscent of the Rock ‘N Roll Express. The match was fierce, but it was FTR who emerged victorious after executing their devastating finisher, the Big Rig. The aftermath saw a heated confrontation between Chris Jericho and Saraya, challenging Adam Cole and Britt Baker to a mixed tag team match.

Grade: B-

Ladder Match for AEW TNT Title: Wardlow vs. Christian Cage

The match between Wardlow and Christian Cage was nothing short of electrifying. Christian Cage, in his hilarious turtleneck tank top, displayed his ladder match expertise, while Wardlow showcased his raw power. The encounter had a scary moment when Wardlow attempted a springboard onto the ladder, resulting in a temporary injury scare. Despite the mishap, the match continued, and Wardlow emerged triumphant after delivering a breathtaking Swanton Bomb on Luchasaurus through two tables.

Grade: B

AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

Toni Storm proved her dominance in the AEW Women’s World Championship match against Jamie Hayter. The match witnessed outside interference from Britt Baker, adding to the drama. In a shocking turn of events, Toni Storm secured an unexpected victory with her signature move, Storm Zero, leaving the audience stunned.

Grade: C-

AEW Trios Championship: The Acclaimed vs. House of Black

The Acclaimed, despite recent setbacks, received an enthusiastic response from the audience as they took on the enigmatic House of Black. Max Caster’s witty verses entertained the crowd, while Brody King’s “Hoo” battlecry added to the excitement. Although the crowd was quiet during certain moments, the match had its highlights, including Billy Gunn’s spirited comeback. Eventually, House of Black secured the win after hitting a devastating Black Mass on Billy Gunn.

Grade: B-

Jade Cargill’s Journey: A Bittersweet Defeat

In the highly anticipated AEW TBS Championship match, Jade Cargill faced off against Taya Valkyrie. The showdown was a spectacle, with Taya Valkyrie making an extravagant entrance with backup dancers. In response, Jade Cargill raised the bar by dancing with her backup dancers in a choreographed routine.

The match saw intense action, and at one point, both competitors crashed and burned during a springboard move gone wrong. The moment had the crowd on the edge of their seats, but Jade Cargill proved resilient, countering with her signature move, the Jaded, securing her 60th win and retaining the TBS Championship.

Grade: B+

However, Jade Cargill’s triumph was short-lived as Mark Sterling issued an open challenge immediately after the match. The challenge was met by Kris Statlander, who shocked everyone by defeating Jade Cargill in a quick and unexpected match. The loss ended Jade’s impressive winning streak, leaving fans and critics questioning the booking decision.

Grade: F

Main Event: MJF Wins Pillars Fatal 4-Way

In the main event, the Pillars Fatal 4-Way match featured MJF, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, and Sammy Guevara. Despite being advertised as a Pillars main event, the match faced mixed reactions due to its build-up. Sammy Guevara’s announcement of expecting a child added an emotional element to the match.

MJF, the ultimate heel, showcased his cunning nature by urging Sammy Guevara to lay down during the match, using Guevara’s future fatherhood as leverage. The match was action-packed, and the crowd witnessed several jaw-dropping spots and teases. In the end, Darby Allin emerged as the winner, securing the victory with a side headlock takeover.

Grade: A-


AEW Double or Nothing 2023 provided an unforgettable night of wrestling entertainment. From surprise victories to shocking losses, the event was filled with thrills and spills. Jade Cargill’s journey took an unexpected turn with her first loss, and it remains to be seen how AEW creative will handle her future in the championship scene. As the AEW World Championship picture evolves, we can expect more intense rivalries and memorable moments in the world of All Elite Wrestling.


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